Teter to wear white jersey for second straight year

Coming into Sunday, Teter needed four points to tie Alpha Chi Omega in the Spring Series standings. It would need to beat AXO to accomplish that feat.

Teter looked to be off to a good start to that when it recorded an 8:20.57 — by far besting the top time at the moment.

But then AXO followed with a 8:19.46.

The challenge was on. The two would meet in the finals with the winner taking the Spring Series crown.

If Teter won the finals, it would tie AXO in the points standings. The tiebreaker goes to the top finisher in Team Pursuit.

And Teter won that tiebreaker.

Teter won Team Pursuit for the fifth consecutive year, beating AXO in the finals, finishing in 8:16.89 to win the title.

It is the second consecutive year Teter will wear the white jersey.

To start the spring, Teter had three riders in the top 13 at ITTs, including two in the top six.

At the next event, Miss ‘N Out, Teter senior Emma Caughlin came away with the victory. They also had all three riders reach at least the semifinals.

Team Pursuit is considered by some riders one of the strongest indicators of team success for the race. There will now be a two week lull as there are no events until race day.

6 thoughts on “Teter to wear white jersey for second straight year

  1. Yeah Doogs could sure sprint. A great finisher trumps depth unless depth has an elite time trialer or 2 along with depth at the other spots. Sometimes natural talent of one rider determines the entire race as long as the team can keep up sitting in and drafting. But Doogs did get lapped in 2011 so she wasn’t perfect, just an amazing sprinter and solid finishing strategy from the 2nd to last rider both years.

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