IU Nursing rider Lauren Gill hospitalized

IU Nursing rider Lauren Gill has been hospitalized at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis following an accident during Thursday’s practice race at Bill Armstrong Stadium.

According to Mark Land, the IU Associate Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations, Gill fell off her bike during the race and was struck by at least one other rider. She was taken to the hospital in Indianapolis via a medical helicopter, where she is currently being held, the hospital has confirmed.

I don’t have any details about her condition that can be shared at this point, but Lauren, her family, teammates and friends are all in our thoughts,” Land told 33to1. 

Land said that race officials, as well as officials from the IU Student Foundation, are working to get more details, and they will be passed along as soon as they are made available.

Update (6:09 p.m. Friday): Little 500 race director Jordan Bailey spoke with the Gill family on Friday, and Bailey passed along this message to 33to1: “Her family has expressed that they would rather not talk publicly about Lauren’s condition. They relayed the message that they want everyone to keep Lauren in their thoughts and prayers.” Multiple media outlets have reported Gill is in critical condition following Thursday’s crash.

Stay tuned to 33to1 for more updates on this developing situation.

4 thoughts on “IU Nursing rider Lauren Gill hospitalized

  1. Have some god damn respect. The family doesn’t want to talk about her condition and 33to1 is trying to make a news story about it. Clearly no courtesy to the families wishes.

    Wishing a safe and speedy recovery to Lauren

  2. Obviously want to respect the privacy of Lauren and her loved ones. Thank you guys for circulating that card at track practice. At the end of the day, we’re all just riders

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