IU Nursing rider Lauren Gill “now semiconscious,” off ventilator

Little 500 Race Director Jordan Bailey relayed information about injured IU Nursing rider Lauren Gill directly from the Gill family to 33to1 Monday evening.

Gill, who remains at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, no longer requires the assistance of a ventilator and is “semiconscious,” according to a statement issued by the family. She remains in critical condition, but is no longer hooked up to as many machines, which is the first positive step, the family said. The full extent of the injury to her brain is still unknown, but “there are some promising signs,” the family said.

The full statement from the family, via Bailey:

“Lauren is now semiconscious and has been taken off the ventilator, but she remains in critical condition. The extent of the injury to her brain still cannot be fully assessed, but there are some promising signs. We hope to learn a little more each day. Her recovery will likely take several weeks or months. We ask that everyone continue to pray for her.”

Gill was injured in a practice race on Thursday, landing on her head. She was airlifted to Methodist Hospital.

There is a “Lauren Gill Recovery Fund” to help support the Gill family. You can donate to that campaign here. As of publication, the fund has already raised more than $4,400 in less than a week.


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