Power ranking the top women’s riders

As explained in the men’s post, this combines a rider’s ITT finish and their MNO finish (like a golf score, the lower the score the better, as 1 point is assigned to the ITT winner, 1 point to MNO winner, 2 to 2nd, 3 to 3rd, etc.) to create a list of the very best individual riders.

Like we said on the men’s post, this is far from an exact science, but it’s fun to look at.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

1 Liz Lieberman, Kappa Alpha Theta (2 points)

Lieberman dominated the spring series, winning both ITTs and MNO. She showed great improvement in both, but especially MNO, having not even cracked the semifinals in 2014. She continues in a great line of Theta sprinters, with Brenna McGinn doing enough to win a sprint finish last year for Theta, and Kathleen Chelminiak being one of the best individual riders in the years prior to that. Lieberman might not have had all eyes on her before, but she’s definitely earned the spotlight now come race day. She’s the one to watch.

2 Tabitha Sherwood, Phoenix Cycling (4 points)

Sherwood was one of the top returning riders from the 2014 race, and she’s proven she’s back for more this spring. As dominant as Lieberman has been, Sherwood has almost been just as dominant, finishing behind Lieberman in each of the two spring series individual competitions. Will she have enough to lead her new team to victory on race day?

3 (tie) Kristen Bignal, Delta Gamma (10 points)

DG won the race in 2012 and 2013 thanks to a great sprinter in Kayce Doogs. Could Bignal be the next great at DG? She finished fifth in ITTs and fifth in the MNO final. It’s her second race, so she some experience, but will also be back for more. She leads a strong DG contingent this year.

3 (tie) Megan Huibregtse, Ski (10 points)

Ever since the end of last year’s race in which rookie team Ski finished 7th, Huibregtse has committed herself to becoming better, and she’s certainly done that. She did all sorts of races and training in the offseason, hoping to become better and better as a rider. All of the work has made her into one of the elite riders in this year’s race. She finished sixth and ITTs and fourth in MNO. If Ski is in it at the end, and my guess is they will be, you can bet Huibregtse will be on the bike.

3 (tie) Allison Eschbach, Gamma Phi Beta (10 points)

Eschbach has been the leader of a resurgent Gamma Phi team that looks as if it is capable of making a run at the Little 500. Eschbach finished third at ITTs, and also got into the final of MNO. Every team that plans to challenge for the Little 500 victory needs a top sprinter, and Gamma Phi certainly has that in Eschbach.

6 Evelyn Malcomb, Kappa Alpha Theta (11 points)

7 Libby Momper, Kappa Delta (13 points)

8 Abby Rogers, Kappa Alpha Theta (16 points)

9 Fallon Lilly, Melanzana (20 points)

10 Katie Ziegler, Delta Gamma (22 points)

11 Jackie Kober, Phi Mu (23 points)

12 Sarah Rivich, Delta Gamma (24 points)

13 Sydney Schreiber, Alpha Chi Omega (24 points)

14 (tie) Ashley King, Ski (25 points)

14 (tie) Cherryl Ellison, Wing it (25 points)

16 (tie) Michaela Ranft, Alpha Omicron Pi (27 points)

16 (tie) Eliza Heath, Unattached (16 points)

Honorable mention: Alexandra Kolar, Alpha Chi Omega; Julia Thomas, Teter; Brooke Hannon, CSF; Gretchen Mann, Phi Mu; Madeline Lambert, Kappa Alpha Theta; Ali Oppel, Alpha Omicron Pi

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