UNOFFICIAL results of the 2015 women’s Little 500

Can’t stress enough that these are unofficial. This is the final listing on the RaceMonitor app. No word yet from IUSF on official results. I’m guessing video will have to be used to determine the final order when the yellow was dropped. But, this at least gives you somewhat of a general idea where teams were.

Kappa Alpha Theta (1:14:19.819) 2 Phoenix Cycling 3 Delta Gamma

Cru CSF Ski

Alpha Omicron Pi Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Chi Omega

10 Alpha Xi Delta 11 Teter 12 Alpha Sigma Alpha

13 Delta Sigma Pi 14 Alpha Gamma Delta 15 Kappa Delta

16 Phi Mu 17 Kappa Kappa Gamma 18 Melanzana

19 RideOn 20 Theta Phi Alpha 21 Independent Council

22 WingIt 23 IU Nursing 24 Alpha Delta Pi 

25 Chi Omega 26 Pi Beta Phi 27 Delta Zeta

28 Zeta Tau Alpha 29 Alpha Phi 30 Sigma Delta Tau

31 Delta Phi Epsilon 32 Alpha Epsilon Phi

6 thoughts on “UNOFFICIAL results of the 2015 women’s Little 500

  1. Is there any video available of the race? Was not in a position to see the wreck that caused the yellow, and also missed the wreck at the beginning of the race. Otherwise will keep fingers crossed and wait for someone to post the full race to YouTube. Thanks.

  2. Thanks. A shame that it ended on a yellow, but all indicators pointed to the result being about what it was. A little surprised that DG got dropped towards the end of the race. To their benefit though they were far enough back that they were able to avoid the wreck. Not sure if the pressure was timing (looking for other exchanges) or intentional (picking a particular lap), but it was a great tactic by Theta. Everyone had to think they would try this. Although they didn’t make a clean break it put other teams at their threshold, and when your tired mistakes happen. One has to believe, although past years don’t always support this theory, that Theta would have had the strength to hold off the other teams in the sprint. It would have been nice to see it play out though. Phoenix did an exceptional job. Sorry to see Melanzana go down so early. In a very short time Ski has built what might be a strong program for some time to come, and AOPi did a great job all day. Cru and CSF also looking strong. And AXO unfortunate to come in where they did. I guess the wreck affected them more so than others. Looking forward to seeing the race replay.

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