#Quals Live Updates

The only comforting thing about last night’s IU men’s basketball loss is that we get a full day of Little 500 Qualifications today.

There are 42 men’s teams attempting to qualify, and 33 women’s teams. Of course, there are 33 spots in the field.

On the men’s side, 31 teams return at least one experienced race rider, and 11 teams have at least three returning riders. On the women’s side, 29 teams return at least one experienced rider, and nine have three or more returning riders.

Keep refreshing this page for live updates and standings as the day moves along.

6:17 — So, it’s all over. Five men’s teams ended up getting bumped. Defending champs Sig Ep did successfully make it in the field on their third attempt, slotting in at No. 22. What drama. What a finish. What a day. Thanks for following along.

5:09 — Oh, and by the way, don’t forget, defending champion Sig Ep is in line for a third attempt. So a bit of drama there.

5:04 — So, the field is full now. Delta Tau Delta adds another sub-2:20 time, taking second place with a 2:19.759. Unbelievable day. We still have 10 teams left to make a third attempt. Delta Sigma Phi was the first team bumped from the field when Delts threw down its time.

4:16- How about a round of applause for Young Pioneers, who post a 2:30.057 to make it into the field for the first time. They had tried to qualify last year, but didn’t make it. Always fun to see rookie teams make it in the field.

3:17 — Some quick updates on the most recent group: Beta Sigma Psi faulted twice, joining the other teams patiently waiting for a third attempt. Delta Phi Epsilon black flagged its first attempt, then took its second, which was in the 2:47 range. That likely won’t be able to stick, but, anything could happen. It’s Quals, after all. And Alpha Xi Delta entered the field with a 2:49.

2:48 — CSF (W) takes advantage of the freshly rolled track and registers a 2:44.654 to move into seventh. CSF started 9th in 2014, 8th in 2015, and now, potentially, 7th in 2016. Good progression there. This is just the team’s fourth race.

2:28 — Break in the action as they roll the track. So, to recap today, it’s been fast. Really, really fast. Cutters, Black Key Bulls and Wright have all gone sub-2:20. Entering the day, only 10 teams had ever cracked that. In 2005, five teams were able to go under 2:20. So we’re approaching that territory. Very, very fast track. The Cutters, who occupy the pole on the men’s side, have registered the fifth fastest time in men’s Little 500 history at 2:18.779. On the women’s side, Kappa Alpha Theta — the two-time defending champions — clocked in at 2:36.634, the second fastest time in women’s Little 500 history. Again, only 10 teams had cracked 2:41 on the women’s side entering the day, and four have accomplished that feat today, as Phoenix, Delta Gamma and Alpha Omicron Pi have all gone under 2:41.

2:26 — Kappa Sigma becomes the fifth men’s team that will have to wait until 5 p.m. for a third crack at qualifications as it faults on its second attempt.

2:02 — We have our second women’s team that will need a third attempt. Alpha Sigma Alpha faults on its second attempt on an exchange. Apparently only 33 women’s teams ended up signing up for a qualifying time, so there will be no bumping on the women’s side.

1:27 — Sigma Alpha Mu with a time of 2:28.152. That puts them in 12th currently. That would be the team’s best starting position since 2008 when it was on the pole. Also qualified 14th in 2014.

1:17 — Acacia checks in at 2:27.550. That time will be good enough to stick, and the team will make the race for the first time since 2012 when it was kicked off campus. Prior to 2013, the team had been in every race since 1953. Good to see a team with lots of history return to the race.

1:13 — Delta Upsilon finishes with a 2:39.349. That time is really going to be riding the bubble. Have to wonder if the team considered black flagging the run, especially given it was the team’s first attempt.

1:08 — Wright, last year’s pole sitter, throws down the third sub-2:20 time of the day at 2:19.982. The first row will all be sub 2:20. Crazy fast day so far. Only 10 teams before today had gone sub 2:20. Impressive showing, and obviously fantastic track conditions. Teams looking good.

12:54 — Rookie men’s team Election Cycle, a team of all seniors, posts a 2:37.621. Not sure if that will be able to make the cut this year, but a strong effort by a team trying to make their first Little 500.

12:50 — Phoenix, starring probably the fastest rider in the women’s field in Tabitha Sherwood, clocks a 2:40.053 to move into second place behind Kappa Alpha Theta.

12:38 — With a time around 2:42, Air Force elects to black flag its second attempt, knowing that won’t be good enough to get in the race. They will join TKE, Sig Ep and Pi Kappa Phi as men’s teams waiting on a third attempt tonight.

12:34 — Crazy fast day today. Cutters tops BKB with a 2:18.779, the fifth fastest time in Little 500 qualifications history according to the IUSF records. It is the fastest time ever by a Cutters team. Prior to today, just 10 teams had cracked the 2:20 mark. So far today, two have done so. Very clean exchanges by the Cutters to hit that mark. The fly lap checked in at 32.350, and the anchor laps was second fastest at 35.291. The other two laps were 35.486 and 35.745. Cutters’ last pole came in 2010, and they have three total poles in their history.

12:28 — Delta Zeta joins the field with a 2:58.657. DZ has qualified for every race in women’s Little 500 history.

12:22 — Sigma Delta Tau registers a 3:13.573 on their second attempt. They’ve qualified for every race since 2005.

12:15 — Pi Kappa Phi joins TKE and Sig Ep as men’s teams waiting for a third qualification time as it faults on its second attempt. Delta Sigma Pi puts down a 2:36.094 to move into 15th.

12:04 — Back to back faults, as both Pi Kappa Phi and Delta Sigma Pi (Men’s) fault on their first attempt. DSP very shaky on its first exchange, and goes down on the second.

11:58 — Gray Goat continues the hot streak, posting a 2:22.474 to claim second behind BKB currently. The track has been running really fast ever since it was rolled before this afternoon set. 3PH, Ski, BKB and Gray Goat have all been able to capitalize with top 5 times across the board.

11:49 — Black Key Bulls is the most experienced team — and also the deepest — on the men’s side, and it showed in their qualifications run. BKB posts a 2:19.958, just the 11th team in Little 500 history to crack the 2:20 mark. It’s the fastest time in BKB’s  Quals history, and it puts them on the pole. The BKBs only lost one rider from its 2015 team that finished just a nose shy of winning its second consecutive race.

11:45 — Ski puts up a time of 2:42.559, currently good enough for fifth. This is SKI’s third year, and they have qualified in the top 10 each of its first two years. They qualified 4th last year. Megan Huibregtse, arguably one of the best riders in the race, rode both the fly and anchor laps for the team.

11:42 — 3PH, who is perhaps one of the teams most under the radar, clocks in at 2:25.724, currently good for third. 3PH qualified 12th and finished 8th in the race last year as a rookie team. They return all four riders this year. It’s a team that could make some noise on race day.

11:23 — Wing It gets in with a 2:58.497. We’ll take a break here now as the track gets rolled. Next group is up at 11:35 with 3PH followed by Ski and Black Key Bulls.

11:13 — Pi Lambda Phi puts down a 2:30.154 on its first attempt. It hasn’t qualified for the race since 1955, with its only other race appearance coming in 1951, the first year of the race.

11:10 — Alpha Epsilon Phi registers a 3:13.556 on its second attempt. They qualified 29th last year.

11:04 — Lambda Chi Alpha is successful on its second run, finishing with a time of 2:27.198.

11:00 — Zeta Beta Tau puts down a 2:35.509 on its second attempt. That puts them in ninth currently. That might be right on the fringe of sticking.

10:55 — Three straight faults here. ZBT, Lambda Chi and Alpha Epsilon Phi all fault on their first attempt.

10:45 — SAE crushes it, with the brothers Krahulik anchoring. They sacrificed a slower fly lap to have clean exchanges at the end, and it obviously worked out, as they throw down a 2:22.946 to knock off Beta’s 2:25.455. SAE qualified ninth last year, and the fourth the year before.

10:30 — Bit of a break here. Had some time to look into some numbers. The last time Kappa Alpha Theta won the pole (1994), it won the race. Theta currently sits at 2:36.634, the second fastest qualification time in women’s Little 500 history. Should Theta hold the pole, it would be its sixth pole in program history. Theta has won the last two races and has started on row 1 the last two races.

10:27 — Gamma Phi Beta puts up a time of 2:54.711, currently good for 9th. They qualified second last year and have qualified for every race since 2008.

10:19 — Independent Council with a 2:56.251 to qualify for its second consecutive Little 500 after qualifying 31st in its first ever race last year.

10:13 — Phi Mu faults on its second attempt. They join TKE and Sig Ep as teams who will have to make a third qualifying attempt later tonight. There are 34 women’s teams attempting to qualify, so at least one will be bumped.

10:08 — Phi Kappa Sigma puts up a 2:29.066. That’s the fastest time on a second attempt today. It has qualified for every race since 2004.

10:04 — Forest with a time of 2:29.816. They’ve qualified for every race since 2012, and 15 races overall.

10:01 — Back to back faults on as Phi Kappa Sigma and Phi Mu both fault on their first attempts.

9:48 — Alpha Sigma Phi, who hasn’t been in the race since 2003, throws down a 2:27.109

9:42 — Sigma Chi puts down a 2:25.905, currently good for second. Quite a performance.

9:38 — Kappa Alpha Theta, the back-to-back defending champs, fly around the track in a time of 2:36.634, which, according to the Little 500 records page is about half a second off the record Quals time. They move into the pole position. The record time, according to the records page on the IUSF website, belongs to Kappa Kappa Gamma in 2005 (2:36.14)

9:33 — Delta Delta Delta with a time of 3:12.148. They qualified 33rd last year and have qualified for every race since 2002.

9;25 — Delta Gamma knocks off AOPi from the pole position with a 2:40.455.

9:10 — Melanzana checks in with a time of 2:46. Melanzana has qualified in the top 10 each year they’ve been in the race, with their first appearance coming in 2012 and qualifying every year since.

9:04 — Alpha Delta Pi comes in with a time of 2:48.662 on its first attempt. ADPi has qualified for every race since 1998.

9:00 — Kappa Delta, one of the most experienced teams in the field, checks in with a 2:46.273 on its first attempt.

8:54 — Cru (Men’s) completes its first run in a time of 2:36.154. Cru hasn’t qualified for the race since 2013. Cru had qualified for six consecutive years before that.

8:51 — Theta Chi stops the string of faults. They register a time of 2:31.891 on their second attempt.

8:46 — Sig Ep faults on its second attempt. The defending champs are going to have to wait until tonight to qualify now. Only one run remaining. This is a team that returns three of its four riders from its championship run last year.

8:42 — TKE faults on its second attempt. They won’t be back until later tonight after everyone else has had a shot at qualifying. Has to be stressful to have to wait around all day with the second fault coming this early in the day.

8:39 — Theta Chi faults on its first attempt. After five straight clean runs, we’ve had three straight faults (TKE, Sig Ep, Theta Chi).

8:36 — Defending champion Sigma Phi Epsilon faults on its first attempt. The bike just came across the line as one rider was finishing his run and the second bike was starting the run.

8:33 — TKE faults on its first attempt. First fault of the day. TKE hasn’t qualified for the race since 1993.

8:28 — Smooth exchanges for Beta Theta Pi on its attempt after suffering a mechanical error the first time around. It comes in at 2:25.455. FWIW, the top men’s practice time earlier this week belonged to Delta Tau Delta, who checked in at 2:22.457

8:25 — Cru (Women) put up a time of 2:46.851

8:18 — Alpha Omicron Pi completes its run in 2:40.687

8:12 — Beta Theta Pi suffers a mechanical error, stopping their attempt. Because it is a mechanical error, it does not count against the team as an attempt.

8:09 — Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) has a solid run, clocking in in the 2:30 range.

8:05 — Alpha Chi Omega has a successful first run that unofficially comes in around a 2:42. Solid start to the day. It officially comes in at 2:42.342.

2 thoughts on “#Quals Live Updates

  1. At least 13 teams have been under 2:20. From 1985 through 1991… SAE, Fiji, Phi Delt, Pi Kappa Alpha, Acacia, AEP, Beta, Theta Chi, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Chi, Sigma Pi, Cinzano, DU…

    • Yeah, I actually realized late in the day my error. The IUSF records page has inputs of both 2:20.xx and 02:20.xx. So, when you do a sort on lowest to highest, you only see the 02:20 first, and further down, there’s the 2:20. So only 10 teams were in at the 02:20. About 45 teams or so have done in total it I believe. It’s still an impressive number though, but not quite as rare as I thought originally. Still a fast day.

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