Top Miss ‘N Out riders

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Joe Krahulik edged out his brother and teammate Andy Krahulik to capture the men’s title while Tabitha Sherwood once again dominated the field to easily come away with the women’s crown.

Both Joe Krahulik and Sherwood were ITT winners as well, cementing each of them as the top individual riders in their respective fields.

Below are the other finalists, semifinalists and quarterfinalists, as well as video of the last lap of each final.



1, Joe Krahulik, SAE, best lap of 33.236 in finals

2, Andy Krahulik, SAE, best lap of 33.121 in finals

3, Luke Tormoehlen, Delta Tau Delta, best lap of 33.250 in finals

4, Riley Figg, Wright, best lap of 32.977 in finals

5, Nick Hartman, Black Key Bulls, best lap of 33.174 in finals

6, Nick Thiery, Cutters, best lap of 33.273 in finals


Semifinal #1

1, Andy Krahulik

2, Joe Krahulik

3, Figg

4, Spencer Brauchla, Black Key Bulls

5, Kyle Knight, Beta Theta Pi

6, Charlie Hammon, Black Key Bulls

7, Rob Lee, Phi Delta Theta

8, Peter Arnold, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Semifinal #2

1, Hartman

2, Thiery

3, Tormoehlen

4, Evan Zehr, Wright

5, Will Ottenweller, Black Key Bulls

6, Griffin Casey, Delta Tau Delta

7, Trevor Schwedland, Cutters

8, Matt Winkeljohn, Theta Chi

Others who advanced to quarterfinals: Logan Kuhn (Cutters), John Hyndman (Beta Theta Pi), AJ Sood (Beta), Mitchell Sasseman (SAE), Jeremy Crawford (Sigma Nu), Mitchell Duke (3PH), Bryson Stevens (CSF), Matthew Thompson (3PH), Maddison Russell (BKB), Reid Wilson (3PH), Charlie Hicks (Sig Ep), Michael Schmahl (Sigma Nu), Xavier Martinez (BKB), Chaorun Fan (Young Pioneers), Sam Anderson (Sig Ep), Colin Evans (Forest), Dan Cummins (Lambda Chi Alpha), Andrew Goodrum (Wright), Noah Voyles (BKB), Evan Lee (CSF), Caleb Langley (Wright), Michael Chettleburgh (BKB), Jake Cohen (3PH), Samuel Patterson (Forest), Daniel Cox (Sig Ep), Brad Klingele (Gray Goat), Dale Robey (Pi Kappa Alpha), Samuel Cruz (Cutters), Jeff Gough (Lambda Chi), Chase Van Halen (Pi Kappa Alpha), Jacob Hartmeister (SAE), Anthony Raymond (Pi Kappa Alpha)



1, Tabitha Sherwood, Phoenix, best lap of 40.024 in finals

2, Kristen Bignal, Delta Gamma, best lap of 40.002 in finals

3, Rachel Brown, Kappa Alpha Theta, best lap of 40.417 in finals

4, Alexandra Kolar, Alpha Chi Omega, best lap of 41.126 in finals

5, Ali Oppel, Alpha Omicron Pi, best lap of 41.316 in finals

6, Megan Huibregtse, Ski, best lap of 47.735 in finals


Semifinal #1

1, Sherwood

2, Brown

3, Huibregtse

4, Fallon Lilly, Melanzana

5, Leigh Dukeman, AOPi

6, Alissa Becker, AChiO

7, Brooke Hannon, CSF

8, Audrey Healey, AOPi

Semifinal #2

1, Bignal

2, Oppel

3, Kolar

4, Madeline Lambert, Theta

5, Grace Bennett, Theta

6, Evelyn Malcomb, Theta

7, Abby Rogers, Theta

8, Ashley Williams, Ski

Others who advanced to quarterfinals: Kelsey Kluesner (Teter), Clara Butler (Phoenix), Madison Borgman (DG), Erin Libby (Delta Sigma Pi), Julia Thomas (Teter), Jess McKune (Kappa Delta), Nicole Coghlan (Phi Mu), Rachel Herr (Melanzana), Hanna Coppens (DG), Izzy Stein (Melanzana), Melissa Ragatz (Phoenix), Besty Astrup (Chi Omega), Stephanie Volkmar (CSF), Maggie Maier (KD), Morgan Robertson (Independent Council), Eliza Heath (Teter), Michaela Ranft (AOPi), Abby Vehrs (Phi Mu), Katie Moreland (Alpha Xi Delta), Hannah Wade (Alpha Sigma Alpha), Katie Kapusta (Phi Mu), Lauren Brand (Phoenix), Whitney Carroll (KD), Katie Zielger (DG), Sydney Keaton (Theta), Libby Momper (KD), Abby Snyder (CSF), Penny Weiler (KD), Alison Engle (RideOn), Sarah Rivich (DG), Kaci Garrity (AOPi), Patricia Skulborstad (Kappa Kappa Gamma)

3 thoughts on “Top Miss ‘N Out riders

    • This is 2013 Cutters all over again. The hope is that this team doesn’t get popped when Harbison and Brodell are on the bike in crunch time again. Can they do it? With a coach that preaches using other teams, and a coach that had a rider burn the team off the back in 2014 at lap 190, I don’t think so.

  1. ITTs showed Joe really is that strong. Andy is still a strong rider and together I think they give SAE the best 1-2 in the race. Whether or not 3 and 4 can match Cutters, BKB, SigEp, or Wright’s 3-4 is the question

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