LIVE UPDATES: 2017 Quals

We’ll be updating the grid LIVE as it fills out all day from Bill Armstrong Stadium.


  1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2:22.540
  2. Beta Theta Pi 2:24.005
  3. Cutters 2:24.122
  4. Forest 2:24.943 (second attempt)
  5. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2:25.141 (second attempt)
  6. Sigma Chi 2:25.905
  7. Lambda Chi Alpha 2:26.133
  8. Black Key Bulls 2:26.459 (second attempt)
  9. 3PH 2:27.042
  10. JETBLACH 2:27.372
  11. Bears 2:27.596 (second attempt)
  12. CSF 2:29.541
  13. Phi Sigma Kappa 2:29.742 (second attempt)
  14. Phi Gamma Delta 2:29.90 (second attempt)
  15. Gray Goat 2:30 (second attempt)
  16. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2:31.762
  17. Pi Kappa Alpha 2:31.949 (second attempt)
  18. Alpha Sigma Phi 2:32.183
  19. Kappa Sigma 2:32.469
  20. Theta Chi 2:32.60
  21. Acacia 2:32.723
  22. Phi Delta Theta 2:33.102 (second attempt)
  23. Sigma Nu 2:33.818
  24. Sigma Alpha Mu 2:34.166 (third attempt)
  25. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2:34.283
  26. Sigma Pi 2:35.994
  27. Evans Scholars 2:36.252 (third attempt)
  28. Delta Sigma Pi 2:36.287 (second attempt)
  29. Black Ice 2:37.639
  30. Delta Chi 2:37.978 (second attempt)
  31. Pi Lambda Phi 2:37.979 (second attempt)
  32. Beta Sigma Psi 2:38 (second attempt)
  33. Young Life 2:39.510


Young Pioneers 2:39 (third attempt)

Delta Upsilon 2:41 (third attempt)

Phi Kappa Tau 2:42.203 (second attempt) (bumped)

Delta Sigma Phi 2:46 (third attempt) (bumped)

Pi Kappa Phi 2:47.711 (bumped)

Alpha Kappa Lambda – three faults


  1. Delta Gamma 2:33.308
  2. Kappa Alpha Theta 2:37.369
  3. Alpha Omicron Pi 2:39.083
  4. Ski 2:42.768
  5. Alpha Chi Omega 2:43 (second attempt)
  6. Cru 2:44.962
  7. Teter 2:45.365
  8. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2:45.910 (second attempt)
  9. RideOn 2:46.861 (second attempt)
  10. Alpha Gamma Delta 2:47.226 (second attempt)
  11. Kappa Delta 2:50.392
  12. Sigma Kappa 2:52.010
  13. Melanzana 2:52.017
  14. Alpha Delta Pi 2:52.275
  15. Theta Phi Alpha 2:52.299
  16. Delta Zeta 2:53.163
  17. Phi Mu 2:53.510 (second attempt)
  18. Independent Council 2:55.786
  19. CSF 2:57. (second attempt)
  20. Gamma Phi Beta 2:57.981 (second attempt)
  21. Kappa Kappa Gamma 2:58. (third attempt)
  22. Alpa Xi Delta 3.00. (third attempt)
  23. Phi Gamma Nu 3:03 (third attempt)
  24. Delta Sigma Ph 3:04 (third attempt)
  25. Delta Phi Epsilon 3:05 (third attempt)
  26. Wing It 3:07.918
  27. IU Nursing 3:11.605 (second attempt)
  28. Alpha Epsilon Phi 3:15.674
  29. Alpha Phi 3:23.931 (second attempt)
  30. Sweet Potato Club 3:36 (third attempt)
  31. Sigma Delta Tau 3:37 (third attempt)
  32. Camp Kesem 3:44 (third attempt)


Column: Sportsmanship shines after Sherwood’s win

It took several minutes after the race before Phoenix’s Tabitha Sherwood was able to talk to anyone after winning the Little 500 on Friday.

She had given it her everything. And while every rider on the track gave it their everything, too, Sherwood’s everything was the only effort that was enough to come away with victory.

While it ends in joy for Sherwood and her Phoenix teammates, it means pain for those who gave it their all and it just wasn’t quite enough to beat Phoenix.

So when Delta Gamma’s Kristen Bignal came over to congratulate Sherwood, it felt like something special.

“So proud of you,” Bignal said to Sherwood as the two hugged.

“Proud of you!,” Sherwood answered.

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Tormoehlen, Delta Tau Delta win 3-team sprint to capture Little 500 victory


BLOOMINGTON — The fans chanted MVP at him. They hugged him every time he turned around. He kissed the cinders with his best friends. He hoisted his team’s bike. He showed off a new ring. He smiled for pictures with his teammates – and the BorgWarner trophy.

It was exactly how Delta Tau Delta senior Luke Tormoehlen had envisioned it in his head all along.

After popping out of Turn 2 on the final lap of Saturday’s 66th men’s Little 500 at Bill Armstrong Stadium, Tormoehlen jetted around Sigma Alpha Epsilon and then advanced around Black Key Bulls to give the Delts their second Little 500 victory.

“I can’t even put it into words,” Tormoehlen said of what it meant to win in his senior year. “It’s good when a vision comes true. It’s three years of my life revolving around this race, and all of the hard work and dedication toward an ultimate goal paid off.”

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UNOFFICIAL final results of the 2016 men’s Little 500

Delta Tau Delta 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (difference of 1.060 seconds)

Black Key Bulls (difference of 1.366 seconds)

Cutters (difference of 6.860 seconds)

3PH (difference of 24.108 seconds)

Gray Goat

Beta Theta Pi

Phi Delta Theta

Sigma Nu

10 Forest

11 Phi Gamma Delta

12 Sigma Chi

13 Sigma Phi Epsilon

14 Wright

15 Delta Chi

16 Pi Kappa Alpha

17 Theta Chi

18 Lambda Chi Alpha

19 CSF

20 Acacia 

21 Alpha Sigma Phi

22 Phi Kappa Sigma

23 Pi Lambda Phi

24 Pi Kappa Phi

25 Alpha Epsilon Pi

26 Sigma Alpha Mu

27 Phi Sigma Kappa

28 Beta Sigma Psi

29 Young Pioneers

30 Young Life

31 Delta Sigma Pi

32 Tau Kappa Epsilon

33 Zeta Beta Tau

Sherwood edges Bignal to deliver Phoenix’s first Little 500 victory

Phoenix team.jpg-large

BLOOMINGTON – Tabitha Sherwood wasn’t settling for second.

Not again.

She doesn’t exactly remember how it happened. She doesn’t need to. All that matters is that Sherwood, a fifth-year senior riding in her third and final Little 500, leaves the track at Bill Armstrong Stadium as a champion.

Sherwood edged Delta Gamma’s Kristen Bignal by a mere 0.051 seconds Friday to give Phoenix Cycling, the team Sherwood started from scratch just last year, its first Little 500 victory.

“It took about a second for it to sink in, but I just barely saw that I had her by like a tire width,” Sherwood said of the photo finish. “I felt like I had a little bit more in me. If the starting line was just a little bit further back, I would’ve been fine. But I may have made my move a little bit too late. But I guess it still worked.”


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UNOFFICIAL results of the 2016 women’s Little 500

Phoenix total time of 1:09:11.744

Delta Gamma (difference of 0.051)

Teter (1.342)

Kappa Alpha Theta (1.575)

Alpha Omicron Pi (2.612)

Phi Mu  (30.651)

Alpha Chi Omega 



10 Alpha Sigma Alpha

11 Kappa Delta 

12 Alpha Gamma Delta

13 Alpha Xi Delta

14 Kappa Kappa Gamma

15 Melanzana

16 RideOn

17 Cru

18 Alpha Delta Pi

19 Delta Zeta

20 Delta Sigma Pi

21 Chi Omega

22 IU Nursing

23 Alpha Phi

24 Gamma Phi Beta

25 Wing It

26 Independent Council

27 Theta Phi Alpha

28 Delta Phi Epsilon

29 Sigma Delta Tau

30 Delta Delta Delta

31 Alpha Epsilon Phi


Krahulik brothers savor 1-2 MNO finish

BLOOMINGTON — After finishing 1-2 in the Miss ‘N Out final Saturday, brothers Joe and Andy Krahulik had one more lap to take.

This lap they coasted. This lap they smiled. This lap they rode arm in arm.

The brothers have been training for moments like this since February 2015, when older brother Andy convinced then-freshman Joe to stop riding for an independent team and join him at Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

“It definitely took some convincing,” Andy said, “but it’s hard to pass up doing something like this with your brother.”

“I don’t regret my decision at all,” Joe said, “especially on a day like today.”

“Especially on a day like today!” Andy added with a big smile.

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