Top Miss ‘N Out riders

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Joe Krahulik edged out his brother and teammate Andy Krahulik to capture the men’s title while Tabitha Sherwood once again dominated the field to easily come away with the women’s crown.

Both Joe Krahulik and Sherwood were ITT winners as well, cementing each of them as the top individual riders in their respective fields.

Below are the other finalists, semifinalists and quarterfinalists, as well as video of the last lap of each final.

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Top returning women’s ITT riders

The top rider in last year’s race is gone, meaning ITTs will be exciting from the very fact that there will be a new champion crowned.

Liz Lieberman stole the show in all regards last year for Kappa Alpha Theta, winning ITTs, MNO and then, of course, the race itself.

She’s graduated. Who will rise to the top this year?

The easy answer would be to say Phoenix’s Tabitha Sherwood, who has finished second in ITTs the previous two years. Here’s a look at all the top returning riders in the women’s field.

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Top returning men’s ITT riders

Last year, in a heads up sprint, the No. 12 rider in ITTs, Nick Torrance, beat out all the other top sprinters in the field to win the Little 500.

So perhaps ITTs isn’t the greatest indicator of who will be the fastest come lap 199. After all, there’s lots of other factors at play at that point in the race, such as how much work the rider has had to do up to that point, and how fresh their legs are at that moment.

But ITTs is still a fun spring series event just to see who can lay claim to being the fastest four lap rider around the track.

Here’s a preview of who the top returners are from last year who will be vying for the crown Wednesday.

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Fast times highlight exciting Quals

BLOOMINGTON — It’s rare to see a men’s team go under 2:20 in Quals, or a women’s team go under 2:41.

Saturday, four men’s teams and four women’s teams beat those respective marks.

Back-to-back defending champions Kappa Alpha Theta put up the third fastest time in women’s qualifications history (2:36.634) to take the pole, and on the men’s side, Cutters recorded its fastest Little 500 qualifications time (2:18.779) in its long history to secure the men’s pole.

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2016 Little 500 Qualifications Running Order


1 Cutters 2:18.779

2 Delta Tau Delta 2:19.739

3 Black Key Bulls 2:19.958

4 Wright 2:19.982

5 Phi Delta Theta 2:21.540

6 Gray Goat 2:22.472

7 Pi Kappa Alpha 2:22.598

8 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2:22.946

9 CSF 2:24.601

10 Beta Theta Pi 2:25.455

11 3PH 2:25.724

12 Sigma Chi 2:25.905

13 Alpha Sigma Phi 2:27.109

14 Lambda Chi Alpha 2:27.198 (second attempt)

15 Acacia 2:27.550

16 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2:28.142

17 Sigma Alpha Mu 2:28.152

18 Delta Chi 2:28.786

19 Pi Kappa Phi 2:28.985 (third attempt)

20 Phi Kappa Sigma 2:29.066 (second attempt)

21 Sigma Nu 2:29.100

22 Sigma Phi Epsilon 2:29.595 (third attempt)

23 Forest 2:29.816

24 Young Pioneers 2:30.057

25 Pi Lambda Phi 2:30.154

26 Phi Gamma Delta 2:30.180

27 Young Life 2:30.249

28 Phi Sigma Kappa 2:30.704

29 Beta Sigma Psi 2:31.416 (third attempt)

30 Theta Chi 2:31.891 (second attempt)

31 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2:34.857 (third attempt)

32 Zeta Beta Tau 2:35.504 (second attempt)

33 Delta Sigma Pi 2:36.094


34 Cru 2:36.154

35 Sigma Pi 2:36.182

36 Election Cycle 2:37.621

37 Phi Kappa Tau 2:37.855 (third attempt)

38 Air Force 2:39.340 (third attempt)

39 Delta Upsilon 2:39.349

40 Delta Sigma Phi 2:47.920

Kappa Sigma – three faults


1 Kappa Alpha Theta 2:36.634

2 Phoenix 2:40.053

3 Delta Gamma 2:40.455

4 Alpha Omicron Pi 2:40.687

5 Teter 2:41.630

6 Alpha Chi Omega 2:42.342

7 Ski 2:42.559

8 Kappa Kappa Gamma 2:43.734

9 CSF 2:44.654

10 Alpha Gamma Delta 2:44.819

11 Alpha Sigma Alpha 2:45.939 (third attempt)

12 Cru 2:46.051

13 Kappa Delta 2:46.273

14 Melanzana 2:46.901

15 Alpha Delta Pi 2:48.662

16 Alpha Xi Delta 2:49.705

17 Delta Sigma Pi 2:51.526 (second attempt)

18 Theta Phi Alpha 2:52.547

19 Gamma Phi Beta 2:54.711

20 Chi Omega 2:55.177

21 Independent Council 2:56.251

22 RideOn 2:56.323 (second attempt)

23 Wing It 2:58.497

24 Delta Zeta 2:58.657

25 Phi Mu 3:00.656 (third attempt)

26 Alpha Phi 3:00.739 (second attempt)

27 Delta Phi Epsilon 3:02.920 (second attempt)

28 IU Nursing 3:03.264 (third attempt)

29 Zeta Tau Alpha 3:04.473

30 Delta Delta Delta 3:12.148

31 Alpha Epsilon Phi 3:13.556 (second attempt)

32 Sigma Delta Tau 3:13.573

#Quals Live Updates

The only comforting thing about last night’s IU men’s basketball loss is that we get a full day of Little 500 Qualifications today.

There are 42 men’s teams attempting to qualify, and 33 women’s teams. Of course, there are 33 spots in the field.

On the men’s side, 31 teams return at least one experienced race rider, and 11 teams have at least three returning riders. On the women’s side, 29 teams return at least one experienced rider, and nine have three or more returning riders.

Keep refreshing this page for live updates and standings as the day moves along.

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Best race of all time?

Without a doubt, the 2015 men’s Little 500 has to be one of the best races in Little 500 history.

It had clean racing. There were no devastating crashes that wiped out the field. In fact, there was only one meaningful crash, and one of the teams involved, Sigma Phi Epsilon, went on to win. A fall didn’t impact who won the race.

It had showmanship. Who can forget Phi Delta Theta’s Rob Lee waving to the crowd at the beginning of the race?

It had a strong attack (Delta Tau Delta). It had an even better bridge (Beta Theta Pi, Cutters, Sig Ep, Black Key Bulls).

It had heart-pounding drama. It had the finish we all crave. Six teams finished within .38 seconds of each other, and Sig Ep narrowly beat out BKB by .024 seconds. That’s closer than the closest Indianapolis 500 finish ever recorded (.043 seconds).

It had sportsmanship from all parties after the race, acknowledging what an amazing race had just occurred.

What more could you ask for in the Little 500?

It was only the fourth men’s Little 500 I have seen, so I’m asking those of you who have much more knowledge than me, was last year’s race the best race of all time?

Let me know what you think has been the best Little 500 race of all time in the comments below.



UNOFFICIAL final results of the 2015 men’s Little 500

Sigma Phi Epsilon Black Key Bulls (0.024 seconds behind winner) Beta Theta Pi (0.344)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (0.355) 5 Forest (0.356) 6 Delta Tau Delta (0.380)

Cutters (7.814) 8 3PH Cycling (9.758) 9 Phi Kappa Sigma (28.761)

10 Phi Delta Theta (38.255) 11 Phi Gamma Delta (39.642) 12 Gray Goat 

13 Delta Chi 14 Wright 15 Sigma Nu

16 Northern Indiana Cycling 17 Pi Kappa Phi 18 Evans Scholars

19 Lambda Chi Alpha 20 CSF 21 Theta Chi 

22 Pi Kappa Alpha 23 Sigma Alpha Mu 24 Delta Sigma Pi 

25 Alpha Epsilon Pi 26 Kappa Sigma 27 Young Life

28 Phi Sigma Kappa 29 Delta Upsilon 30 Sigma Pi

31 Collins 32 Alpha Tau Omega 33 Beta Sigma Psi

Torrance, Sig Ep win 6-team sprint to capture 2015 Little 500 victory

Before the reporters stormed in, before the champions walked onto the stage in front of all their fans, before they were mobbed by house brothers and friends, the four Sigma Phi Epsilon riders shared a moment all to themselves after winning the 2015 Little 500.

“God,” one rider said, “we fucking won! We fucking won!”

There were hugs to be had, there were TV interviews to be conducted, there were trophies to be hoisted, victory laps to be run. But never was there a more perfect two sentences to capture the emotion and thrill of the 2015 men’s race.

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