Top returning men’s ITT riders

Last year, in a heads up sprint, the No. 12 rider in ITTs, Nick Torrance, beat out all the other top sprinters in the field to win the Little 500.

So perhaps ITTs isn’t the greatest indicator of who will be the fastest come lap 199. After all, there’s lots of other factors at play at that point in the race, such as how much work the rider has had to do up to that point, and how fresh their legs are at that moment.

But ITTs is still a fun spring series event just to see who can lay claim to being the fastest four lap rider around the track.

Here’s a preview of who the top returners are from last year who will be vying for the crown Wednesday.

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Fall Cycling Series Discussion

While I’m no longer in Bloomington, it doesn’t mean this site can’t still live on. Several of you on here are passionate about Little 500 from a distance, and I’m included in that group now, too.

I’ll still try to deliver the highest quality content I can (and yes, I’m planning to be back in Bloomington in April), but I also know several people are looking for a site just to talk about the teams and riders and what’s going on. I want that to be here at 33to1.

So, while I won’t be live tweeting or regularly posting updates from this weekend’s events in all likelihood, feel free to use this post to share thoughts and results on the Fall Cycling Series.

For those unaware, there are ITTs going on at Bill Armstrong Stadium on Friday night, Street Sprints on Kirkwood on Saturday afternoon and Cyclocross Sunday afternoon in the tailgate fields. For a full entry list of contestants, visit the IUSF site here.

Now, let’s get to talking!

Crash on lap 199 clears way for Black Key Bulls to win Little 500

It had all the makings for a sprint finish.

After teams exchanged the lead all afternoon and a group of 10 teams were in contention for the title midway through the Little 500, the field whittled down to seven with two laps to go.


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Black Key Bulls, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Tau Delta, Beta Theta Pi, Cutters and Sigma Chi had escaped the field and had formed a small peloton. They were preparing for a sprint finish. It was lap 199. 

As they rounded turn three, though, Beta Theta Pi’s Chris Craig slid out. The crash took out six of the seven competing teams. Only Black Key Bulls escaped unharmed.

And after one lap under a yellow flag, Black Key Bulls was able to race the final lap unthreatened, crossing the checkered flag alone for its first-ever title in nine races.

Below are the full results from the 64th men’s Little 500:

1. Black Key Bulls

2. Phi Delta Theta

3. Delta Tau Delta

4. Sigma Phi Epsilon

5. Phi Gamma Delta

6. Beta Theta Pi

7. Sigma Alpha Epsilon

8. Cutters

9. Sigma Chi

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33to1 staff picks race winners

After months of training, race day is finally here. Today, the women take the track at 4 p.m. Tomorrow, the men will have their turn at Bill Armstrong Stadium with the green flag scheduled to drop at 2 p.m.

After months of analysis and reporting, we can finally unveil who we think is going to take the checkered flag.

Here’s our staff picks, as well as your chance to cast your own vote for who you think will win.

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Riders make guest radio appearances

As several of you have figured out, I (Robby), host a sports talk radio show on WIUX. On Tuesday, we had four riders on to help us preview the race. Brenna McGinn (Kappa Alpha Theta), Rob Lee (Phi Delta Theta), Emma Caughlin (Teter) and Chris Craig (Beta Theta Pi) all joined us.

Here are the links to those separate interviews:






Column: 35 years later, can ‘Breaking Away’ still compete?


At what point does a modern classic become a relic of the past?

“Breaking Away,” the classic sports film based on IU’s famous Little 500 bike races, hit cinemas nationwide 35 years ago this summer. The July 1979 sports classic was a sleeper at the box office, but it was newspaper articles and a strong word-of-mouth reputation, reportedly — then a trusted American institution before Twitter, Facebook, and 24-hour cable news took our attention and never quite gave it back — that brought filmgoers to the movies in spades.

Director Peter Yates’ earnest film, written by IU graduate Steve Tesich, about four working-class Bloomington locals and their struggles in a college town even won the 1979 Academy Award for Best Screenplay.

…But does it hold the same weight in 2014?

Has it been replaced by modern, sexier, sleeker sports films with high-definition cameras? Does this old-timey, earnest film about a humble, self-contained Indiana community keep its wholesome nature intact — or does it banish “Breaking Away” to a select quadrant of the film community reserved only for the kitschy and left-behind as the film canon chugs along into 2014 and beyond?

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Team Pursuit gives better idea of race winner, final probability


Unlike Quals, Team Pursuit results can yield a decent model for predicting race day success. Team Pursuit and Miss ‘N Out are better simulators for how teams perform on the day of the race than the other events before race day.

IUSF records are inconsistent at best when it comes to Miss ‘N Out results, giving us an uphill battle when creating a historic base on which to extract winning probability. Instead, we can look at the past 20 years of Team Pursuit results to predict the chances teams have of winning based exclusively on their Team Pursuit placement.

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Black Key Bulls win Spring Series, will wear white jersey

With both Beta Theta Pi and Phi Delta Theta not qualifying for the finals of Team Pursuit, Black Key Bulls, currently with the top men’s time, will win the Spring Series.

It is the first time in team-history Black Key Bulls will wear the white jersey on race day as winners of the Spring Series. The team started racing in 2006.

BKB entered Sunday with a 1-point lead on Beta and a 2-point lead on pole-sitter Phi Delta Theta. It ran a 9:21.16 at Team Pursuit, more than five seconds faster than the Phi Delts and 13 seconds faster than Beta. With Cutters running the second fastest time, it guarantees that neither Phi Delts or Beta will be in the final.

It is the second year in a row an independent team will wear the white jersey, with Cutters wearing it last year.

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Q&A: Beta Theta Pi’s Chris Craig

His coach Eric Anderson called the performance the ITT version of the Dixie Highway Award. In 2013, Beta Theta Pi’s Chris Craig finished 111th overall at ITTs (yes, that’s one-hundred eleventh, not a typo). This year, he was faster than every other rider in the field. 111th to 1st.

How did he do it? How has his training changed? What, overall, has changed for him in the last year?

And what’s it like trying to defend Beta’s title after losing all four riders from last year’s championship team?

We asked. Craig answered.

While Craig is humbled by the win, he understands his team of four race rookies still has a lot to work on before race day.

33to1: How were the nerves going into Saturday?

Craig: I felt pretty relaxed. I didn’t really know quite what to expect going in, just wanted to try to perform my best. We’ve been training hard all year. i was just really excited to get out on the track. With the rain delay and everything like that, I was just ready to get out there.

33to1: Was that weird having ITTs pushed back four days?

Craig: We had to adjust for it. We were considering doing a race over the weekend and we had to cancel that and stay here and train. Things did work out how we hoped it would, though. We felt good going into the day.

33to1: When you completed your ITT run, did you have any idea that you did sub-2:23? (Craig won ITTs with a 2:22.98)

Craig: No, actually. I thought I was around a high 2:23. I actually wasn’t too sure how well the run was going half way through until I was getting yelled at by Eric (Anderson) saying that I was on pace to break 2:24. That really pumped me up for the last lap and I just went all out. 

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