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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

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  1. Noble
    La Valle

    These riders pulled their weight through spring series, in both ITTs and TP, and were a big factor in their teams’ finishes Saturday. A bit tough to see on the broadcast, but Settle and Tisdale each brought their teams back into the sprint from a decent gap in the last 8 laps to bridge up to X, Noble, and Caleb, with Tisdale getting edged out by that top 3 and Settle trailing suit. Although each lacked podium finishes, they lost to the 3 best finishers in the field. imo, these picks don’t cancel each other out. Krahulik and La Valle are toss ups. Krahulik did an impressive job singlehandedly bringing his team to a lead lap finish, and La Valle rode his legs off, but had everyone scratching their head on lap 199.

    • What about the deep teams? Cutters deserve Guyon and either Hubrex or Coulter in there as well. 3PH deserves Thompson and Singhal. SIGEP should have Settle and Harris but due to Spring series, no Harris. Bkb, obviously Xavier and strobel is head and shoulders the best rookie, so he will be rookie. For the girls it be Lauren Britt and then all of ski and DG with the a chi o girls

    • ^Help me understand, why no love for 3PH. If they finished 10th that’s reasonable but no all-stars and a fifth place finish?! Just don’t get it. Oehler not even in the discussion either. Even if he didn’t sprint for 6th (ahead of Settle) he still led the attack that almost stuck.

    • La Valle’s set at the end wasn’t gutsy, it was dumb and bad pacing. Great riders and athletes know what their bodies are capable/not capable of. He dropped the ball for an 8th place finish. Nevertheless, he did carry his team through many strong laps. I think @AllStarThoughts ‘s list is mostly right but I’d sub in oehler, another cutter, and a 3ph rider to the discussion.

  2. All-Star:
    – Guyon
    – Martinez
    – Tisdale
    – La Valle
    – Settle
    – Huibregtse
    – Langley
    – Someone from NEH? or Oehler? or Ahaan?

    – Grossling
    – Strobel
    – Small La Valle
    – ?

    • As far as the race goes Viktor Grossling, Richard Strobel, Andy LaVelle, Josh Richards, and likely a few really good ones I don’t know about.

      • Fergus Arthur of NEH deserves some ROY consideration. Top 10 ITTer and had a good race performance.

  3. Criteria for selection per the 2019 Little 500 Manual:

    All-Star Rider Awards
    There are eight recipients of this award for both the men and women. The criteria to be an AllStar Rider include: excellent performance in the race and series events, being a leader during
    practice by helping others, and congeniality. The recipients are determined by a peer vote.

    Rookie Rider Awards
    This award is given to the top four first time riders for each race. The award is based on riding
    skill and safety, number of laps ridden in the race, qualification lap times, and performance in the
    Little 500 Series events. The recipients are determined by a peer vote.

  4. Noble Guyon (Cutters, 1st)- Undisputed leader of a podium team, won the sprint, ITT top 3, won pole, back to back titles
    Caleb Langley (Bears 2nd)- Undisputed leader of a podium team, team was only 3 deep, ITT top 5
    Xavier Martinez (BKB 3rd)- Undisputed leader of a podium team, 2x ITT Champ, 3x Fall ITT Champ(!!!), RC President
    Logan Tisdale (Goats 4th)- Go to man for the Goats, made a hard bridge look easy to take 4th in a sprint, Top 10 ITT
    Rob Krahulik (SAE 9th)- Biggest team MVP, rode half of the race, attacked from 5 laps out
    Albert La Valle (Phi Psi 8th)- Leader of Phi Psi, made a winning move, ITT top 5, strong all year, most improved from last year
    Tom Settle (SigEp 7th)- Leader of SigEp, ITT top 10, clawed SigEp back from wrecks, proven himself already
    Greg Huibregtse (Cutters 1st)- 2nd man on the winning team, ITT top 10, won pole, back to back titles

  5. LaV and McGorry Of Jetblach Really stood out to me as my 2 top rookies watching the film, at a lot to do with influencing how the race ran

  6. Ill advised tactics

    Ski’s tactic of tying to mix it up off the front was good for the race but a poor decision for them. Lest anyone be fooled their goal was to not win but make the race interesting. They clearly were not the strongest team (DG proved that), or the smartest (Teter). My question is if they felt they could do it, did they hold back in spring series. Cutters have had a history of not giving away at spring series in the past, and apparently it worked for them, but they really di have the weapons to do it. Kirkham’s theory was badly flawed but understandable being from the Cutter camp. Doubt it will change the training regimen for the majority of teams other than the typical contenders, and good luck to all going forward.
    Also being the strongest team doesn’t help if you allow faster sprinters to be with you on the last lap. DG, being arguably the strongest team could have forged ahead, when catching up to SKI, rather than letting the pace drop and allow other teams back into the fray. I doubt AXO and Teter would have caught them had they pushed past SKI ( who appeared to be fading at about lap 80). Take a page out of Thetas book from the last few years.
    Teter are the early favs for next year. They’ll have a contingent of experienced strong riders. Ski will also be there as will AXO. Theta will be back. DG may well be rebuilding with four new riders.

  7. Any rider seen out at riders week will be banned ! banned i say! by the power invested in me……NO FUN BECAUSE IM A LAME GEED

  8. Let’s see what people had to say about the Men’s teams this year…

    Gray Goat – Best Recovery from a warm-up Crash and Best Practice Race Team
    Phi Psi – Most numerically challenged team
    SAE – Best non-competitive team
    Forest – “Somehow always near the front” award
    Jetblach – “Fucked up a two team break” award
    BKB – Frattiest non-frat team
    3PH – Best finish for a team relatively left out of predictions
    Cutters – “Need to chill the fuck out” award
    Phi Delts – Greasiest mustache(s) award
    SigEp – Only top team to go down. Best race-day crash recovery
    Bears – Raced to their strengths and finished well for it

    That concludes this year’s unofficial official awards for the men’s field.

  9. Women: Laurie Bignal, Lauren Britt, Hanna Coppens, Miller Fahey, Emily Heldman, Caitlin Kamplain, Rylee Ollearis

    Men: Jeff Beaumont, Noble Guyon, Caleb Langley, Albert La Valle, Xavier Martinez, Robert Oehler, Tom Settle, Logan Tisdale

  10. Finally got around to re-watching the women’s race… was the chief steward taking a nap for the whole race? 1) Impeding in the final sprint à la Hans in 2004. 2) Several teams taking *way* more than three pits to exchange or exchanging in the middle of the track. 3) Blatant creeping under yellow. 4) Teams not moving and staying on the outside for the last ten laps.

    Shocking, considering how much IUSF loves their rules.

  11. 1. Cutters- Hard to argue this one as cutters returns 3 of 4 including Noble Guyon. Clearly the team to beat next year.

    2. Phi Psi- Strong showing from Phi Psi this year in the race, look for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th riders to improve a lot this year to give Albert more support. Phi Psi looks like the only Greek team with a realistic shot at winning next year.

    3. Gray Goat- Gray Goat’s depth makes them an easy choice for next year’s podium. Improvement from their young team could make them a threat to break away and finally get that win.

    4. 3PH- Coming off a surprising 5th finish, and returning their entire team, 3PH looks like a contender once again. Expect Singhal and Thompson to be among the strongest 1-2 punches in the field.

    5. BKB- Although losing Xavier is big, BKB always finds a way to reload and peak in April. Strobel has the top end speed to win in a sprint. If BKB can provide enough support, he might be the one rider who can beat Noble on lap 200.

  12. Heard a csf rider crashed a guy in the worlds ride and destroyed his derailleur then refused to make good on their promise to replace it when they couldn’t get it for cheap. Real class act.

    • Caleb Langley from Bears finished 16th in the road race and 17th in the criterium this weekend at Collegiate Nationals.

      Way to represent IU!

      Get well soon Griffin Tichenor!

  13. Word around the track is that McKay from Forest tried to piggy back a record *three* full-grown thicc boys and threw out his back and will be out for minimum 10 months due to back surgery as a result. Will he take a fifth year? Stay tuned….

    Gossip Tree

  14. Sucks to see another fraternity kicked off campus, but you could have guessed it would happen to Beta sooner or later. The question is whether this means Gafombi will be racing again next year, or if this is the end of the Beta Cycling program.

    • It will be interesting to see if this makes the SAE and SigEp teams stronger in the future (unarguably 2 of the top 3 greek teams of the last decade) or if this only means that there will be one less competitive greek team.
      It should be noted that Beta is NOT kicked off IU, rather their nationals removed them from the chapter house. Beta will still be a well connected unhoused fraternity with rich alumni who value intramural success. Sounds a lot like the recent Phi Psi surge to me.

      • I heard Bradley and Castetter both quit the team after Beta got kicked. Good luck to an unhoused fraternity with no riders!

  15. Tier 1: Cutters
    Tier 2: Phi psi, Gray goat
    Tier 2.3333: BKB
    Tier 3: Jetblach, 3ph, SAE
    Tier 3.5: NEH
    Tier 4: Forest, Fiji
    Tier 5: SigEp, BetaSig

    • Cutters on paper win easily but if the pressure is on them all race like last year then Psi Psi might be able to pull off a winning breakaway after learning from last year.

      No Bears on your list?
      Oh, that’s right they are going to suck. Maybe they will do us all a favor and change their name back to Wright when they don’t crack the top 12. lololol

  16. Cutters Gray goat and Phi Psi will be the only contenders next year. Too much talent lost/non existent on other teams

  17. Ryan Knapp’s Little 500 coaching victories while having the Firehouse Hill KOM: 5
    Ryan Knapp’s Little 500 coaching victories since losing the Firehouse Hill KOM: 0/2

  18. Top 3 Men’s Finishers

    1: Noble Guyon – Still taking photos

    2: Caleb Langley – Still crazy strong on the road

    3: Xavier Martinez – Still gay

  19. CSF cyclist Thomas McArtie is out for the season with a torn ACL after going over the handlebars at 5mph while stunt jumping.

  20. Water: Needed

    You or anyone know why IUPD was at rookie clinic yesterday.

    The water allocation was spent on Friday at the Indy Marriott for the SC RC overnight alumni gathering. Drinks there are expensive as are the rooms.

    • cops were there to pull T-Schwags off the track after he laid there for 45 minutes making cinder angels crying and yelling “damn you Andrea!!!!”

      • JICAC
        Andrea called IUPD to have Tom removed from the stadium. They told her that Tom could be in the stands and she could not have him removed.

  21. Hot take: RC doesn’t add any real value to the Little 500 and instead just wastes IUSF funds for expensive binge drinking trips at luxury hotels

    • Yup! So get that GPA above a 3.0 and you can do it too! (I assume this is GG since it takes 9 guys on their team to accumulate a 2.0 GPA)

  22. IU can afford to keep water continuously running in the showalter fountain 24/7 but can’t afford to water the track for just one Tuesday night. Sad!

    • Ha! Please tell me you’re joking about the fountain! After 65 years, you’d think they would have a blueprint of instructions on how to groom the track based on different weather conditions.

      • I imagine the track is a pretty complex “organism” compared to a tennis court or even to a grass field. That said, its too bad that there is either not enough institutional knowledge or concern to make it adequate, or at least safe, for racing when weather conditions are consistent and predicable.

  23. AB seems to be really good at not doing her job. MNO cancelled last spring, TNRS cancelled this Monday, ITTs cancelled today.

    It’s 2019 and the person directing Little 500 can’t outsmart cinders. Let THAT sink in.

    • Don’t forget the street sprints debacle last year when the several of the fastest guys got eliminated because the timing system was way off and they didn’t bother to use common sense and allow them a do over.

    • Knowledge, resources and/or effort – what combination is to blame for the failure to have the track prepared for Fall Series?

      • Considering the TNRS was cancelled due to poor dry track conditions you would think they would have first hand experience on game planning how to not let the exact same thing happen a few days later. Did they expect different results? Did they water it a couple times yesterday and again this morning and then right before it started?

  24. Long time no see my fellow Little 500 friends and family. I have since started a go fund me to fire Andrea and get back Jordan Bailey. I consider myself an environmentalist, some even say I am a martyr for the sake of the outdoors. Buy my friends we are now at a crossroads where the track is in terrible condition and due to Global Warming, I can not kayak back in my chacos to save the track since there is little to no water left and we will all die within the next 12 years. Andrea has destroyed and neglected our track, my anger has fueled past a talk at Nick’s English Hut in my yellow jersey with my poc helmet on. A beer can not suffice, I am ready to battle for the track and take down Andrea and the fake news media coming out of the IUSF emails. There is sand in those beautiful cinders, I write this as I rub my legs with cinders still in them, yes mhmmmm it is heart warming but back to the point my fellow Little 500 friends, we must take back the track!!!! The go fund me is now live and we are ready to fight! Only we can take on this fight and make good of this evil. I feel the rage in my chaco straps as I write this, I plead to you, lets fix this track and save the race..

    -Your’s truly,
    Nicholas Hartman

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