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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

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    6. Beta Theta Pi
    Renier may not have taken the step forward like many of us expected, but that’s what we get for expecting a Chris Craig-like ascent. Beta had no riders in the top 10 at ITTs but still placed three within the top 25. I don’t believe they have the star power to stay in the race when it gets hot but I expect them to be close to or on the lead lap at the end.

    7. Sigma Chi
    A surprise to some, Sig Chi is riding like Little 500 contenders. Holtkamp has led the way with a 6th place ITT finish and the team had three riders place in the top 25. After a less than stellar Team Pursuit, I think 7th is a respectable rank for them right now. I don’t expect a win for the team, but a podium is certainly possible if they can grab the right wheel.

    8. Gray Goat
    Stratton is the real deal for this team and my top 25 cut-off doesn’t quite do his teammates’ justice. After Stratton’s 7th place, the team placed 26th, 27th, 32nd, 33rd, and 35th in ITTs. While there is little drop-off between riders, their lack of racing experience and a true second-string rider, puts them right off the podium in my eyes.

    It is never good to see one of our own Little 500 riders inhibited by injury, and unfortunately, Cutters just isn’t Cutters without a healthy Schwedland in their pit. The Boys in Green have a strong rider in Guyon and Coulter and Huibregtse can definitely handle part of the load, but that still leaves quite a few moves unattended. I have them ninth in the rankings because, like their stellar quals performance, Cutters seems to find a way.

    10. Phi Gamma Delta / Forest Cycling
    I know it’s cheating, but these two teams both have good cases for being mentioned in the POWER rankings. They each have riders that can hang in a pack and their Team Pursuit times differed by less than 4.5 seconds. Assuming both teams can stay clean all race, don’t be surprised if we see them come under the checkered flag together.

    • From what I’ve heard from one of the 80’s alums from the Cutters is that Erik is faking the injury. From a reliable source (he’s my neighbor and godfather to 2 of my kids) . Apparently they are trying to throw all sorts of weird signals in the field and the injury is all part of the plan.

      • Until race day, I plan on treating this as someone with an unfortunate injury. I don’t think Cutters would intentionally mislead the Little 500 community by faking an injury.

      • The Cutters are such wieners. Can’t wait for the dramatic reveal to come that Erik is racing and he’s actually healthy only for them to finish off the podium.

    • No one knows what to expect from the Cutters. With a healthy Erik they have 4 guys in the top 30 in ITTs. And their 1/2 punch with Guyon and Erik can hang with sigeps 3 but can the Cutters third man Coulter hang? No one can get a read on him and there’s nothing on Huigbretse either who is their 4th.

  2. Practice race looked pretty sketchy yesterday. Loose turns, anxiety in the pack, and quick changes in pace made for a rather dangerous event. I count 3 cracked helmets from people on decent teams. Had a good 1/4in layer of loose, dry cinders in the turns.

  3. I’m here with the power rankings that really matter, unlike the try
    hard post of wanna-be-fake-news journalism list above me. The race
    maybe less than a week away but what that really means is that riders
    week is approaching and I’m here to provide the end all be all preview
    of the debauchery that makes the little 500 riders community so
    special. Along with that I will have some special rider power rankings
    and maybe even a power rangers power ranking or even a superhero
    powers power ranking. Again these are just my opinion so you should
    take it all very seriously and if what I say irritates you please lose
    sleep over it. Let’s start with something simple:

    Nice Guy power rankings:
    1. Michael Schmahl, Not Sigma Nu Cyling
    2. Kevin Mangel, Ryan Knapp’s second favorite team
    3. Zach Horowitz, Team “They Survived the Norovirus” **** also survived the practice race
    4. Jonathan Steenport, Morgan Monroe Forest cycling
    5. Joseph Krahulik, Krahulik Brother’s Cycling

    1st Team “I ride a women’s frame” All stars:
    -Jack McNamara, Beta Bikes
    -Noble Guyon, Cutter… hardly know her
    -Matt Thompson, Teter Cycling
    -Abel Barrera Durran, IU Cycling Club

    1st Team Average Height All Stars:
    -Xavier Martinez, Blacked Out Bulls
    -Riley Figg, Sbarro Pizza Cycling
    -Ben Harris, Zipp masters team
    -Kevin Mangel, Theta Cycling

    1st Team All “why don’t they make a bigger L5 Bike”:
    -Charlie Hicks, Zipp Masters Team
    -Caleb Langley, Sbarro Pizza Cycling
    -Tom Settle, He’s so nice I can’t troll him
    -Joe Krahulik, Black Mold Bikers

    Best dressed team award (aka the 2012-2016 Phi Delt award), in no particular order:
    -Teter Cycling (cool designs that looks sleek)
    -Sigma Phi Epsilon (castelli kit, skinsuits, and backpacks, what don’t they have)
    -Melanzana (hyperthreads did good work, could’ve used an eggplant emoji tho)
    -Phi Delta Theta (you make rob Lee proud)
    -Kappa Alpha Theta (only because you can fit in Knapp’s old skinsuits & you’re all rapha blessed)

    Here is the pull/pull power rankings, there are two criteria for this ranking. First being they pull laps during the race, second being they pull during riders week. Simple enough:
    1. Jack McNamara
    2. Noble Guyon
    3. Will Ottenweiler (depending on BKB’s strategy)
    4. David Holtkamp
    5. Ben Thompson

    Now an important preview into a fairly young but very prestigious
    rider’s week event, the Second Annual James Welch Memorial Ice mile.
    People used to think rider’s week started monday at Jersey Night but
    the times they are a changing. Now Riders week starts Sunday at the Ice Mile. Criteria for my rankings include: past participation, chugging ability, strong stomach, previous running
    background. Contenders are ranked in order of strength:

    1. Tim Nixon. He blasted everyone at the fall beer mile and we are unsure whether he will make a fateful return. If he does though he’s the Vegas odds favorite. This cutters alum will be nose breathing through 3 of the 4 laps.
    2. James Welch. The defending Ice mile champion and true “I can’t decide if I’m washed up or not” alum. The race is named after him for a reason. He’s good a good chug and an iron stomach.
    3. Xavier Martinez. He’s never participated in any of the beer/ice miles, but his running background puts him among the favorites. BKB has a rich icing tradition, so the real question is whether he will show or not?
    4. Brad Klingele. He’s always hungry and gone full runner since retiring from Cycling last April. He doesn’t know how to bike anymore, just chug & run. He’s podium-ed at every race thus far.
    5. Michael Schmahl. He comes from a strong running background in HS, and he’s a strong chugger too. He finished on the podium this fall. He’s definitely a dark horse to watch out for.

    Very little is known about the riders week schedule thus far except for the standard Jersey Night at Roys and Friday Boats, so we will preview both here. In terms of riders week, it’s not about how much alcohol you consume but how many memorable moments you can produce. As cliche as it is, it’s all about the memories. I’m sure there will be their fair share of people getting white girl wasted. If you have no tolerance then you probably have been training hard for the race & doing sober season. If you have a tolerance, the race probably won’t go to well for your team.

    It’s hard to rank individuals or even teams for riders week, that’d be too tricky. But below I have your classic rambling list of do’s and dont’s:
    -Do buy someone from another team you respect a drink
    -Do trade up in jerseys but don’t be afraid to trade down
    -Don’t trade with someone who hasn’t washed there jersey
    -Don’t get kicked out of Roys too early
    -Do go down in a blaze of glory if you do
    -Don’t get a drinking ticket
    -Don’t lose your voice before riders week even starts (sorority girls I’m looking at you)
    -Do make friends with people you don’t know well. You’ll meet someone during riders week that you could honestly become great friends with from this point on
    -Don’t go too hard at the pregame. Pace yourself. Can’t be blasting out of the gate on your first lap trying to drop a 33second lap
    -Do Hydrate. Both in the race and in riders week festivities
    -Don’t be a lame bar crawl theme
    -Do bring a lot of snacks on boats
    -Do shoot your shot (if you ain’t reaching you ain’t trying)
    -Don’t be that guy/girl

    Enough rambling. To those people racing and waiting for rider’s week….
    God Speed and Good luck to all!

  4. It has been 25 years since the gentlemen of Delta Chi last hoisted the Borg Warner trophy atop the infield at Bill Armstrong stadium. None other than President Bush is to blame for this hiatus. With the winds of La Niña at their back, the “3rd Street Elite” fraternity will once again reign supreme on 4/21. With star rider Abel Barrera Duran, a workhorse in Eddie Krillenburger, a budding star in Kurtis Greer, and rookie sensation Nicolas Faletti, I fully expect these gentlemen to make their mark on the race and moisten the loins of women on campus everywhere come Jersey Night. BC has spoken 🔮

  5. Men’s Pre-race Weather Update:
    Current forecasted conditions call for 61° with 7mph E winds with gusts of 12mph. Good for front stretch pits with exchanges into the wind. Turn 1 and 3 looked about the same as far as surface cinder quality, but the tailwind on the backstretch makes turn 3 the most likely place for crashes to occur. With no precipitation forecasted through the weekend, we can only hope the track is watered at some point before the race to keep dust and cinders down. Otherwise a beautiful day for racing.
    Overall Weather Rating: 8.7 / 10
    Overall Est. Track Condition: 8.1 / 10
    (10 / 10 is optimal)

    Women’s pre-race Weather Update:
    All track conditons above should be the same for the women’s race. Only difference is forecasted 6mph NNE winds. Turns 3 and 4 hold the greatest potention for danger.
    Overall Weather Rating: 8.9 / 10
    Overall Est. Track Condition: 8.1 / 10

    Best of luck to all and enjoy the race!

  6. With Melanzana’s combined 20 second penalty, could that make race conditions in the first few laps even more sketchy than it might ordinarily be? Will they try to make up the time early or wait for a yellow and then try to make the 20 seconds back. Don’t see it as being the end all for them, unless other teams put down the hammer as soon as they start to serve their penalty.

  7. Exactly what penalty or penalties does Melanzana face? Is it two 10 second penalties or is it one long 20 second penalty? If two separate penalties can they be served consecutively?
    The women average about 38 to 42 seconds a lap after the frenzy of the start. A 20 second penalty with the added time of slowing down, stopping and then starting back up could cost Melanzana almost 3/4s of a lap if the pack is attentive and Theta, DG, et al, are in a punishing mood.

  8. Penalties picked up during the practice race. Brooke got a little too aggressive trying to get up to the front and caused an accident. Don’t blame her for wanting to get out of the pack, but have to get outside first and then make the move. At least the rest of the riders know now what she is going to do.

  9. Here is the list of awards for this year.

    Champs: Cutters
    Stongest pulls: Sae
    Best pack caboose: Bkb
    Most efficient use of lapped rider drafts in a breakaway: Jetblach
    Most impressive chase: Bears
    Sketchiest draft: Pilam
    Most disappointing: Kappa sig
    Worst luck: Forest
    Ballsiest move: Beta
    Most consistent: Goats
    Fancy dress award: sig ep
    Most overhyped dark horse: sigma chi

  10. Goats just took three first time riders and two freshmen to the podium, have they proven themselves as a team to watch out for?

  11. Was Jetblach in that final sprint or were they lapped? If so when did they make the lap up from their crash? After watching the crappy coverage of this years race I was unable to tell if they actually made up a lap.

    • JETBLACH was a lap and a third down, Patrick Wisdom made up the 1/3 lap ( in 5 laps), bring us back to 1 lap down, Then Rob Oehler( Rookie /Soph) ran the best 2 lap burn I’ve seen, to put us a straightaway in front of the lead pack.

      Remarkable as that was, Michael Schmahl closed down 3/4 of lap in five laps to get up back to the lead lap.

      Rookie Danny Kurzendoefer ate up 15 laps in the field, then we decided to try to put another lap on the field hoping to catch the field sleeping that we were back on the lead lap.

      Off the front for 20+ laps, Made it to a half lap up on the field, when Chuck Crab ruined our day :-), sit in for the sprint. After alot of watts, Schmahl, Wisdom, Schmahl to Set up Rookie Oehler for the final sprint, I still havent seen the results, but looked like the rookie made a vet move to throw the bike ahead of SAE, for 5th in the sprint.

      I have coached a lot of great teams over the years, but this group was truly special, especially for a bunch of guys no one wanted. A very memorable effort,certainly worthy of Consideration for awards on At this year’s banquet. Schmahl,Wisdom,Oehler(ROY)

      Congratulations to all the teams and to this year’s champion The CUTTERS!

  12. By popular vote, here’s the awards for the women’s race.

    Champs: theta
    Best domestique: Rideon
    Most successful unsuccessful breakaway(s): Alpha chi omega
    Best participation: ski
    Best lead out for theta: DG
    Best “20 second” penalty: melanzano
    Best at overlapping wheels: chi omega
    Best crop top: aoπ
    Honestly they were pretty good: Teter

    That’s it folks.

  13. Couple Takeaways from Saturday:
    – With 2 straight years of the winning team playing the most tactically sound race and saving their sprinter, you have to imagine that next year, most of the top 10 ITTers won’t see the field after the start until lap 60-70ish. With that, I expect there to be a huge backswing in strategy. We saw contenders Jetblach and Beta get almost a half lap up on the whole field. Even Chi Alpha almost lapped the field (3/4 of a lap) at one point and NOBODY knew. I honestly believe if Jetblach hadn’t needed to unlap themselves earlier in the race, they would’ve been able to go up a lap on the field. Beta’s was just as impressive, as it came at a pivotal moment. Just ran out of gas as the big guns came into the race. Brilliant move by Eric Anderson
    – Nobody was doing anything to mark ANY teams. Cutters, Sigep, BKB, SAE, and Gray Goat (basically the pre-race favorites) were able to get huge gaps whenever they wanted to. I was shocked by this, especially considering how slow the pack was going when some of these teams would just roll off the front. I would also expect that to swing back the other way next year.
    – Gray Goat and Cutters have to be the 2 favorites for next year. Both return 3 riders. Both looked exceptionally strong all day. Cutters obviously keep Noble for another year. Gotta be a scary thought. Brilliant move and he’s always been smart in a sprint.
    – I expect BKB and SAE to fall off significantly. BKB will still have Xavier and SAE will still have Rob (assuming he makes a jump this summer) but lose 3 seniors in the process, with no real talent underlying their star. SAE’s next guy was 2:34 ITTer. BKB had a 2:28, 2:30, 2:36. Yikes

    • Agree with most of what you said except BKB for next year. From looking at ITT results, Rosati is a top 20 returner and their rookie was a 2:30 and should make the traditional leap. Probably comparable to their pre 2014 teams in regards to talent. But with Xavier and Knapp, they should be on the lead lap again in 2019. Still a top 5 team, even at their worst.

    • SigEp looks like a favorite for next year’s race. They will be returning two top five ITTers, a top rookie from this year’s class who was seemingly ineligible, and their 4th from this year. They have the potential to be better than the SigEp team of this year.

  14. Jersey Night (Long Live BVN and GP)

    So part of the Little 500 experience is the fabled ‘Jersey Night’ where riders go out and have a few drinks whilst wearing their jerseys. Although this extremely high-brow blog is not usually into such things (the author was on flavored water over the weekend) I have been asked to post this set of rules for ‘Fantasy Jersey Night’.
    Have at it kids, results in the comments section probably rated ‘R’.

    Waking up with more than 1 rider – 20 pts
    Waking up in the dorms(only for seniors) – 50 pts
    Making Out
    -Top 5 finisher – 5 pts
    -Finishing between 6-15 – 3 pts
    -Finishing between 16-20 – 2 pts
    -Finishing between 21-33 – 1 pts
    -Wearing the same color jersey – 5 pts
    -With someone a teammate has already tapped – 4pts
    -Someone whose name you don’t know -2 pts
    Closing down Kilroy’s – 3 pts
    Wearing someone else’s jersey – 3 pts
    Keg Stands – 2 pts
    Longest Keg Stand – 2 pts
    Beer Pong and shotgun champion – 5 pts
    Swimming in your Jersey – 4 pts
    Consuming more alcohol than you did on your 21st birthday – 8 pts
    Spending more than $80 – 7 pts
    Spending more than $100- 10 pts
    Getting kicked out
    Before midnight – 10 pts
    After midnight – 8 pts
    Blacking out before midnight – 7 pts
    “Successfully” making it to class before 10:00 am – 5 pts
    Extra points if you’re in your jersey- 5 pts
    Extra points if you’re in someone else’s jersey – 10 pts
    Puke and Rally – 10 pts
    Puke and Don’t Rally – negative 10 pts
    Waking up in the hospital
    From too much alcohol – negative value of the medical bill
    For any other reason – value of the medical bill
    Buying someone else a drink – 1 pt
    Incorporating a line into from Breaking Away into conversation – 1 pt
    If a male gdi wakes up in a sorority- 7 pts
    If a frat brother wakes up in a sorority – 10 pts
    Extra point if next to house mom’s room
    Plan B – 20 pts
    Bonus: doing any two things simultaneously doubles points

  15. A Note on Cyberbulling

    As you all know, from the inception of 33to1, this has been a place for the Little 500 community to talk about the intricacies of the race and all the hard work leading up to it. I’ve encouraged banter, and I’m glad to see it still happening, even after my alumni status has prevented me from being able to provide the kind of coverage I set out to create for the site four years ago.

    With that said, as we’ve noted all along at 33to1, character attacks will not be tolerated. A recent post made here was in extremely poor taste, and not only has it been deleted, but the user has been blocked from the site. This is not, and will not, be a place where hate is accepted.

    Unfortunately, if more posts like that are made, I will have to shut down the Discussion Room. So please, don’t ruin a good thing for everyone. Keep it clean. Keep it kind. Friday and Saturday were amazing races with spectacular performances and a plethora of storylines. Let’s talk about them! That’s what this was made for.

    Thanks for continuing to make this site a place for the Little 500 community to gather and talk about the World’s Greatest College Weekend.

  16. BKB isn’t gonna fall off next year any more than they did this year. They’ll likely be better as they had a lazy and unqualified captain. They are gonna be better with someone leading the team that can actually organize team rides and recruit.

    • Ehh that stuff is on the whole team not just one person. Having a ‘captain’ matters nominally but it’s not like this isn’t a sport where everyone needs to be working together. Losing their seniors is definitely a blow – they’re good riders – but I agree that they’ll be back in that I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to put Xav in a bunch sprint again if it comes down to it

    • What a stupid fucking post. Going out of your way to attack someone for something you know nothing about. Unless you’re on BKB, trashing your teammate about something you should probably just say to their face, shut the fuck up and worry about your own team’s recruiting and team rides. Noah has more racing experience than the rest of the team combined and I totally see why they would make him their captain.

      • Did BKB really enter the race 3 seconds before their other rider came to the pit on the mechanical? Why would they knowingly do that?
        Sig Ep should have been called for an impeding penalty when they ridiculously rode right into that other team taking them both out.
        The judging in both races were taking cat naps.

      • All that experience sure did help him lead the team to their first Spring Series loss in 5 years.

  17. I heard from a good friend of mine, who happens to be godfather to two of my other friend’s children, that cutters are going to be renamed next year. Look out for the field favorite, the schwedies.

  18. I think we can make some predictions for next year’s talent. As far as favorite fake injuries to look for, I think ruptured vertebrae will be the most likely choice, but we might see a comeback for the faked fractured tailbone technique.

    • Newest breaking news: Cutters rider Noble Guyon lost on Malaysian Flight MH370, he has still yet to be found but will make an appearance in the 2019 race.

  19. Genuine question: can someone explain to me how AGD didn’t end up a lap down on the first crash of the women’s race?

    The crash happen ato the 59 min mark on the he Hoosier network broadcast. AGD goes down , is last up, gobbles into the infield and 2 laps later gets caught by the pack and hops on the front.

    I can’t come to any conclusion other than that they were lapped. I’d be happy to hear if any one can shine light on what happened

    • During both the women’s and men’s races the timing chips were not working. As a result, it became difficult to figure out which laps teams in the field were actually on (hence the surprise breakaways in the men’s race). As a result, this meant that the lap counter was exclusively responsible for scoring laps. The lap counter must have mistakenly given AGD an extra lap when they ran through the infield to pass off the bike.
      A situation like this can only happen when there’s a broken timing system and it occurs at a time when all eyes were watching DG. Whether AGD knew they had cheated is a different story. I hope that they were unaware of the mistake, but that seems hard to believe given that AGD sat in and contested the sprint.

    • My own opinion is that AGD had to have known they were lapped. I can’t see a scenario where a rider loses a lap to the field and not a single person associated with the team realizes it. Additionally the interview in the AGD pit later in the broadcast raises some questions as their recount of grinding back the chase doesn’t corroborate the 1 lap from crash-to-lead that they seemingly got away with

  20. Prompted by the above post I just rewatched the race broadcast while also looking over the results on Race Monitor. Clearly, AGD went a lap down after the wreck on lap 12.
    – The wreck that brought down several teams, including AGD happened just before the completion of lap 12 in the 4th turn area.
    – AGD was running in 10th place at the end of Lap 11.
    – AGD went down before lap 12 was completed and the front of the pack continued onward.
    – AGD was on of the last teams up from the wreck.
    – Theta was the first team to cross the line at then end of lap 12. BUT Race Monitor shows Theta crossing the line in 2nd place at the end of lap 12.
    – Race Monitor shows AGD in 1st place at the end of lap 12. Clearly Race Monitor is incorrect. AGD was likely in 22nd place at the end of lap 12. Perhaps Race monitor registered AGD’s pit bike as it was rushed towards the crash.
    – For comparison, DG was involved in the same wreck and got back up and running faster than AGD. DG dropped to 21st as a result of the wreck (Lap 12, Pos 21). It took DG until lap 22 to catch back up to the front of the pack.

    And, the race broadcast shows that Melanazana’s 20 second penalty was at most 15 seconds long. At 57:19 the broadcast shows the official beginning the 20 second count in spite of the fact that Hannon had not yet fully entered let alone dismounted her bike. The broadcast then shows Hannon mounted and riding away from the box at 57:34.

  21. I would hope that The officials are not complicit in helping any teams and that the above mentioned notifications were just errant errors during the race. The commentary during the race thought it seemed like a short 20 second penalty, although watching live neither infraction caught my attention. Now having watched the race it does seem pretty obvious that AGD just appeared at the front of the pack. Hat off to DG for having the wherewithal to get a new rider on and for catching up to get back into the lead pack. They didnt get enough credit for that. I predict them to be an early contender for next year with no seniors on the team this year.

  22. Who is in charge of AGD? They should be banned from the race. They would know whether they are on the lead lap or not.

    • Has any team been banned in the past for something like this? I would think that if they had gotten a podium spot they might get a slap on the wrist, but banning them seems a little harsh. The results on the IUSF website show them as finishing 9th and on the lead lap. That certainly needs to be changed.

  23. It’s intentional BIG TIME cheating like when the marathon runner skipped 20 miles and won. They can just play stupid but it’s quite the infraction and technically they could have won or caused a major wreck on the last lap. It’s understandable to not know whether you are 5 laps down or 4 but EVERYONE knows when they are a lap behind.

  24. I just watched, Theta Phi Alpha was down in that lap 12 wreck, and clearly lapped, they ended up in the sprint? Legit? I don’t see how that’s possible. Race review time?

  25. Being on one of the teams who would get a better standing, I just want to say to give TPA and AGD the benefit of the doubt. Obviously I believe the results should be altered, but no team deserves a punishment. We should all just advocate for a race with integrity.

  26. Forget “Benefit of the Doubt” a team knows if they are a lap down, period. That said, from the stands, a group of alumni riders were commenting/betting that the Theta Phi Alpha team was down or off the front, finally we realized they were a lap down and trying to unlap themselves. Most everyone bet against, and while it took them almost 50 laps in the wind, they did eventually get their lap back. NO QUESTION.

    Don’t know who is on that team, never heard of them before this year, but DAMN ladies. Did not think that was possible in the Womens Race. Well done!

    As for AGD. They were definately a lap down, had to have known that (opinion)

    • That was my experience as well. We all thought Theta Phi Alpha was off the front initially. Took us until about lap 60 to realize they were unlapping themselves. It was really pretty impressive

  27. Theta Phi Alpha, according to Race Monitor, did claw its way back to the pack after the lap 12 wreck.

    • From what I understand AGD asked the chief steward several times during the race if they were a lap down. Don’t know if that excuses the lack of knowledge about their actual standing, but they reacted to the information they were provided. Maybe with such a young team and young coach they really just didn’t know? Regardless, the race is over and everyone worked hard all season from all teams.

  28. If the race organizers where asked and didnt know then that is a major screw up. Rookie team and coach is really not a good excuse. As a coach you might not know the location of all the teams but you should at least know your teams position.still thonk the penalty should not be a ban. If it happens again next year though. Is there any precedent?

    • Perhaps it was a major failure on the part of steward, race director, pit judge, and lap counter. Still there’s no way they didnt know they were down. They lied about gaining the lap back in their pit interview during the broadcast. They didn’t notify any one about the error when the final results were tallied. Some action needs to take place. Theit actions are so totally against the spirit of the race that it’s hard to overlook

  29. No corrected results, no punishment = do it again! Blame race monitor if 1 lap happens to only take 9 seconds.

    • My knowledge is that AGD emailed Andrea and told her they think they were also a lap down. Asked for the results to be corrected as well. As for the pit interview, I think it was one of their alumni talking? Either way not great for the teams who’s standings would’ve been improved and definitely shows a need for better organization both with the staff and individuals racing.

    • This is the second year in a row that there has been a timing malfunction during the women’s race. Last year, the AXiD women’s team was marked a lap down despite staying on the lead pack almost the entire race. Their very first lap just was never recorded properly. Apparently the team had to set up 2-3 different meetings with the race director, send multiple emails, and watch the race broadcast several times before the race director would even consider going through the lap times. The mistake was found in less than five minutes. They either need a new timing system or a new race director who will uphold the merit of this event.

  30. S/o to cutters and theta for their wins. Well deserved. Impressive tactics on display out there. Theta returns 2 top 20 ITTsers and a rookie who trained all of last year, they will be the main contenders again. Word on the street is that Eric S. will be back for a 5th year to complete a second major in Kelley and to use his last year of eligibility. All 4 cutters are returning, that’s a scary thought

  31. Interesting to note that both teams Courtney Bishop coached this year (TPA and JETBLACH) got caught up in crashes and went down a lap only to be able to lap the pack and make it back on to the lead lap, and then contest the final sprint. TPA made up their lap over the course of 50 laps in the wind and JETBLACH made up their 1.5 lap deficit in less than 15 laps. Strong coaching from Bishop once again to make up for the previous weak year (TPA in 15th and JETBLACH in 17th). Does anyone know how many riders are returning for JETBLACH?

  32. It’s great to see the womens field deepen. Hoping AOPi can pull through next year after their slip to 11th this year. Still think the main contenders will stay above and beyond.

  33. Anyone know if the race day commentary from WIUX is available to listen to for both men and women. it would be great to get their perspective while watching the race. While I appreciate the student coverage from the Hoosier Network, It does have some glaring mistakes and missed opportunities. Thanks.

    • That’s surprising considering the race director has zero competitive racing experience. Thought everyone might get participation awards…..

    • Men’s Returning Favorites:
      1. Trevor ‘erik’ erik schwedland
      2. Xavier Martinique
      3. Nobel Grillman
      4. Robert Krakatoa
      5. Tom Kettle

      Women’s Returning Favorites:
      1. Lauren wattanabe
      2. Aubrey Morlan
      3. Jordan Bailey
      4. Someone from Rideon i guess
      5. Whoever teaches AGD how to count

      • Theta and DG will continue to dominate the womens spring and race. Theta has won 3 of the last 4 years while finishing 4th when not winning. DG has placed 2nd twice, 3rd and 5th. Although Theta loose their two allstar riders they gain two rookie award recipients, but will need to load up again, which, more than likely they will be able to. DG returns all 4 riders from this past year, and look for their rookie this year to make the jump to a top rider, which most likely makes them the deepest team in the field. It wouldn’t be a surprise for them to win quals again. Top 5 will be the usual suspects to include AXO, SKI, and Teter. PMu just outside and entering the fray are AGD and TPA. Kamplain might be the rider to beat next year if she continues to improve, and AGD have some good returning riders also.
        For the race, DG will get their 4th win, the podium will be Theta and AGD. Finishing just off the podium will be AXO, Teter, SKI, and TPA.

  34. I am hoping that DG wins next year’s race, but the numbers I’m referring to are that TPA will have the rider to be next year and two top 20 ITT the turning riders, and next years # 1. They will probably show up with 20 riders next year so developing two does not seem like a stretch camera, Whatever they’re doing seems to be working, still not over the fact they put a lap on the field last year and we were trying to catch them.

    • It’s time to get over TPA getting the lap on the field. Will Kamplain be the rider to beat next year? Almost unquestionably. But getting a lap on the field to come back from a lap down in a remarkably slow race as a relatively unmarked team isn’t exactly jaw-dropping. Will they continue on their upward trajectory? Again, almost unquestionably. But are they the team to beat? Maybe look at the team that has gotten more championships in the last half decade than every other team has in over 30 years (KKG’s 5 rings being the only exception). Doesn’t matter who they lose or who is tired of hearing it, Theta is the team to beat.

      • Until someone wrestles the trophy away from Theta you’re right. It is theirs to loose.

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