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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.



2,034 thoughts on “Discussion Room

  1. 2020 Little 500 official predictions:

    Beep boop beep boop
    Kirkham streaks the infield of the track
    Beep boop beep boop
    Courtney Bishop takes a poop in turn 2
    Beep boop beep boop
    Jake Richards throws his bike at Gavin Goode
    Beep boop beep boop
    CSF drink their own pee in hopes they recover faster
    Beep boop beep boop
    Rob Oehler races at altitude
    Beep boop beep boop
    Albert and Andrew reveal they were made in a lab
    Beep boop beep boop
    Andrea slashes all the tires in one last attempt to derail the race
    Beep boop beep boop

    • Not even close. Phi Psi had it in the bag last year, and they had that last lap in them this year. No team of 4 could battle it off the front with them.

  2. I feel for Albert LaValle the most. Phi psi was easily the strongest team this year top to bottom. Last years finish is just going to marinate in his head even longer now.

  3. Imagine being Albert Labonk – you choke on the last lap of the race in 2019 and never have the chance to redeem yourself. Albert Labonk is forever a choker.

    • You probably typed this in a grease-stained shirt with Dorito fingers…if you had balls you’d say it to his face but we know they shriveled up as you read this.

      • @dorito
        if you had balls you’d write that under the name Albert or whichever Phi Psi rider you are. Can’t call someone out for being anonymous while being anonymous.

      • It sounds like Albert has beach-front real estate in your brain…..don’t choke on a Dorito! If you know I’m a Phi Psi rider, why don’t you come over to discuss it? You know where they live, quit being #TeamSackless

  4. You realize Albert has plenty of friends outside of his team because he was actually involved with the little 5 community? Unlike you and your dorito fingers people actually like the dude.

  5. I’m not the above guy^ … just here to say I am now a dorito eater, as well, now that I don’t need to be watching my diet.

    So I’d appreciate it if we could avoid slandering dorito eaters for a hot second while I sulk and let myself get fat

  6. We can only hpoe.

    Anyone but Andrea Balzano
    Little 500 Race Director
    Indiana University Student Foundation

  7. What men’s teams are going to be relevant next year? Cutters and Phi Psi lost their chance. Are BKB Gray goat and Jetblach the three best out their now?

  8. Yeah, There are going to be quite a lot of rookies out there next year. Most freshman don\’t ride the race on good teams so unless you were a sophomore last year, almost everyone will be rookies.

    Bears have a lot of bike racing experience and athletic ability. You can win the race as a rookie you know! Eric Young ring a bell? There are a few others too.

    One year of Little 5 race experience, or 2 max with a year off is not as big as an advantage as you think.

  9. Question of the day: How many times has Jordan Bailey attempted and lost the little 500?

    Answer: Jordan Bailey has never won the Little 500, he is 0-4.

  10. So, who will wear the yellow jersey next year? Will we ride the 2020 bikes to commemorate? Is the steering committee going to be even more incompetent than before?!

  11. Tom McGlasson Award
    Rationale for Nomination (#5)
    “FURTHERING THE DREAMS of Herman B Wells, Howdy Wilcox, Bill Armstrong,
    and Curtis R. Simic” (Be specific)

    How would we know these dreams? Who are the past winners of this award since 2013 (other than Jim Kirkham last year) for some needed context.

    Is there a point to this? In the end it is a popularity contest that gives AB something to do. RC/SC might as well nominate each other. An informed decision by the rider community is basically impossible. Face it, in the end she will just pick who she likes. Which is what she always does.


    • It’s actually a prestigious award and steering committee (historically, not sure if they’re relived of their duties now) sifts through the applications.

      • The fact that it IS prestigious is why it should wait until next year. You want as many people possible to have a say and make informed decisions and you want SC to do the same. 46% of the fall events were cancelled and all of the spring ones. This skews the process away from those new to the event and towards the insiders. You want everyone to feel they are involved in the process in a relevant way, it is not just a box to be checked. Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award and the last induction was in 2013, so this is not something new.

  12. 1. Gray Goat- The most experienced team come 2021. Tisdale is a safe bet for top returning rider. With their depth and speed they can dictate the race.

    2. BKB- Buck is that quick. Plus, they will bring up two top tier rookies from 2020. The loss of Zach hurts but BKB always find a way to cycle in quality riders.

    3. Jetblach- I can’t tell you for sure what happens when you arm Courtney with a Krahulik but I have a few guesses.

    4. Phi Psi- Albert lost his last chance but the culture he built lives on. Andrew knows what it takes to contend. Is his top end stopping him from standing on top of the box?

    5. CUTTERS- The back-to-back champs lose their arsenal (including the nuclear warhead that is Noble Guyon). Toran will be ready to lead the team, Evans is a sneaky pickup, Kirkham is Kirkham.

    Idk bout the rest. Help me out y’all

  13. Strobel > Tisdale
    This is not an opinion, this is a fact.

    Jetblach… accurate . Would add that Goode is a huge addition to the squad.

    Andrew will be a good leader. Confidence is quiet.

    Cutters has weapons, but needs a solid sprinter if they want to accomplish their most proven strategy.

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