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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

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  1. Hats off to teter for blowing up the race and going for glory. The coach must have planned the move- too bad they went a little early. early in the race, melanzana and teter were the only teams willing to work. maybe that’s why the coach decided to throw down?
    When the gap wasn’t widening, teter’s coach doubled down and and was doing exchanges every 4 laps. I think that’s what gassed the girls.
    Anyway thank you to all the students who take the bit between the teeth and sign up to the challenge of doing the race. It’s gotta be one of the coolest things in all of college sports.

  2. Good job Torinn, you made some fast riders hurt when the pack was being blown up. Man I love little 5, people who didn’t ride will never understand.

  3. Nicks ITTs. Be prepared April 18, 2024. Baseline times for reference. Track conditions varied.

    Swaters 13:01 impecable track conditions
    Knapp 20:20
    Ty 21:19
    Slim 21.29
    Younger Abby 21:76
    Older Abby 21:84
    Craigey 23:05
    Erika 25:67
    Bailey 26:29
    Benny 26:36
    Liz 26:39
    Emma 26:46
    LA 27:09
    Chief steward 28:80
    Brenna 29:72
    Romo 32:31
    Britt 33:89

  4. Leave Teter alone, if for nothing else then for the sake of sportsmanship. They not only got dragged by both the men’s and women’s race commentators; but now they’re catching strays left and right on here.

    They’re mostly rookies, and they did great for such a young team.

    • Outside of the historical favorites:

      Chi Alpha was in the race the entire time, probably would have been in the final sprint group if they didn’t get wiped out in their wreck with Delts and Phi Delt (rider at the time had no idea where the bike landed)

      Beta Sigma Psi worked themselves back onto the lead lap

      IUDM was pretty good too for a long portion of the race, as were Ghost

      Women’s race is so hard to tell but Independent Council and Ride On were probably the best of the rest

      I’m really curious as to which organization is going to be next first time winner

    • Sig Ep and Teter went for the wins. Huge props to them for the efforts, even though they both ended up getting caught by strong, motivated teams. Sometimes you strike out swinging for the fence, but there is no shame in that.

    • Bro you clearly took him out. Y’all and your “surprise exchanges” were reckless and you certainly deserved a penalty for that impeding move against Fiji. Everyone I’ve talked to agrees

      • just cuz they didn’t do big burns and “surprised” people doesn’t mean their exchanges were reckless. There are different ways to exchange and what they did worked. everyone I’ve talked to agrees

      • As a team impacted by the crash, this was 100% Fiji’s fault for cutting too far inside on turn 4 and impeding on Cutters’ line as they were trying to follow Sig Ep’s late attack. But all of this was also a matter of officials allowing lapped riders to remain on the inside, leaving XA and DTD with no option but to pass on the right and run straight into Fiji when the incident happened. Fiji caused the crash, but all of this could have been prevented if the race officials would have done their job to force lapped riders to the outside while the clear 5 contenders raced for the win without interference.

  5. Cutters can’t “muster” up a place to host superlatives? these fools really exist just to win Little 5. I’d honestly feel bad if they didn’t win lmaooo

  6. Was out on a ride today and couldn’t help notice I saw Judah having sex with his bike chain. Awfully funny considering it was more lubricated than your avg bike chain. Next thing I know he puts the chain and shoved the right handle bar up his ass. Meanwhile this was happening IU Student Foundation was on the scene to film it all with the permission of the whole team. Thank God this finally and Judah proceeded to smell and lick his handle bar, and then quickly hop on his seat (well the seat was gone he hopped on the shaft) and then did a burn out around the track. At this point I just rode away back to Teter.

  7. Props to Kid Billy who rode 146 laps and had the best bike handling move in the race. If I were a rookie looking for a team and not a sick old lady, I’d be joining Kid Billy and the Bears next year. Billy’s coach is also dating a girl that would smoke 90% of the men’s field on a bike.

    • Is riding 146 laps and finishing 5 laps down impressive or a sign that the team doesn’t recruit and doesn’t train?

      Brian Arfman riding over 100 laps and making it to the final sprint in 2014 with two teammates is impressive.

      • Carson rode around 135 laps and Phi Psi made it to the final sprint

        I’d say that’s pretty impressive

      • About 70 of those laps were working for the team lapping him. Carson rode the race with more legs than brain cells. Phi Psi tactics never disappoint.

    • yea the other guy with the low voice was so good but hank just kept interrupting with his annoying voice

  8. Most notable chant: AXO
    Best RC Member: Audra
    Best looking: Jetblach
    Most likely to be over the age of 30: Wild Aces
    Most attractive coach: Becker?
    Least fashionable kits: Novus
    Best team: Bears
    Most expensive upgrades: Melanzana
    Teams most missed: Nick’s
    Most likely to have a secret track: Cutters
    Best at Borg: BKB
    Most likely to want their jersey back after jersey night: Cinzano

  9. Come on man: yes I’m pretty lame on this glitchy anonymous board that doesn’t always post right away and doesn’t allow deletions. But I *might* have slung some chain and seen some podiums, so yeah, what I said.

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