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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.




1,216 thoughts on “Discussion Room

  1. Fun facts:
    You ‘win’ Jersey Night by wearing the best Jordan Bailey costume.

    The track fence is made from confiscated bolt-on-type skewers from illegal quals wheels.

    IUSF was originally created to research the viability of cinder dust as a chemical weapon

    IUSF can fine you for not wearing a helmet, but only if they can catch you.

    One popular strategy during the race involves positioning oneself near the back of the pack to get the best powerups

  2. Top 5 People that will be missed in the Little 500 this year:
    1) Trevor “Erik” Schwedland: I hope your meniscus is healed fully. Also is that hair natural or is that mostly product?
    2) Hannah Coppens: Gone but not forgotten???
    3) James Welch: I would mustache that ass. Your sponsored extracurriculars (Memorial Beer & Ice mile) will hopefully live on this year.
    4) Sydney Keaton: Just like Saturday’s, you were for the boys
    5) Joe Krauhulik: Cum back please, but also you have Kristen, you won already.

  3. Glad to see you all again this year. If you’re feeling even mildly competitive with your summer tans and newfound love of margaritas, come to wednesday worlds.

    • Hope that worlds inflates your ego enough so when the real racing starts you don’t get hurt too much by the legit riders

  4. When you see “Trevor” riding with the Cutters on a training ride on 465… what a shit show to bring back 5th years to win again. Whatever dudes

  5. Noble Guyon (Guion?) wins the 2/3’s at Gateway, Eric Schwedland still at IU in Kelley to do a 5th yr, and a 14th trophy on the way. Thats a wrap.

  6. Official: Kappa Alpha Theta will not be riding in the little 500 this year, stating that they will be instead training to win 5k charity event runs. One rider specifically stated that, “Little 5 is not vegan friendly, therefore I will take my talents to go run the Tofu Turkey fun-run during thanksgiving”. There you have it folks, no yellow jersey this year in the women’s field but hey, theta said its “For the Kids” so it must be a good cause.

    • Beta Sig over teams like Beta, FIJI, Forest, SigEp, and PhiDelt? I haven’t seen much of them to know if they are the real deal or if you are trolling.
      SAE and Sig Chi are only returning one legit rider each. SigEp are returning two top 5 ITTers with race experience in Settle and Harris. SigEp deserves to at least be above SAE and Sig Chi and probably Phi Psi too.

  7. 1. Patriots
    2. Gray Bulls (Gray Goat/BKB combination team)
    3. Sweet Potato Club
    5. Ryan Knapp on a Bird Scooter
    6. The TV sponsor we used to have for the race
    7. 3PH
    8. The one IUSF infield judge that isn’t asleep
    9. Every Phi Delt Alumni whose name is Rob Lee
    10. The Jorts guy from rookie skills clinics

  8. When’s the last time the Little 500 Race Director rode a bike?

    It would be good to hear she’s attending her beloved and mandatory (for Fall requirements) Wilcox Rides.

  9. Is any body planning to try at fall series this year? Or is it just going to BKB circle jerking at cyclocross again? If nobody else ever tries they need to get rid of quals times incentives

    • Agreed. Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time, but if no one is taking advantage or cares get rid of it, or make it more important.

  10. Coppens and Langley = the spartan brand applesauce compared to Kristen Bignal and Joe K. Good try coppens, you wanted a Ferrari, you got a 2014 Toyota Camry with 35,000 miles on it.

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