Discussion Room

We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.



2,412 thoughts on “Discussion Room

    • if dats true…. all i have gotta say. Jetblach can kiss a top 10 finish buh-bye!! krahobel can’t carry a whole damn team

  1. Why is no one talking about Beta Sig?? Or pi lam?? Or acacia or PGN or CSF or Sig chi or DU or pi phi or AXO or DSP or akpsi?? Or Evans scholars?? Or ato or delta chi or bkb or kappa Sig???? Come on guys let’s get real, only 6 weeks to go we can’t be blindsided by the competition

  2. This race will be one of the most entertaining in the past 10 years. The roadie revolution has happened, and the average L5 rider is stronger because of it. Although there’s better riders across the field, there is a pretty big gap between the top 9 teams and the rest of the field.

    For the geeds: BKB and JB are on top, and everybody is going to be following their lead. BKB riders are now made in a factory under Ryan Knapp’s house like Storm Troopers, and JB riders are descendants from the first MK Ultra test subjects. Goats is very close and might deserve to there too by race day as long as they don’t all give each other covid. Cutters will always have a shot even though they are a team of rookies. Nobody knows their secret sauce or what kind of Sram black magic they have been using.

    For the greeks: This could go either way, but Phi Psi, Ep, and FIJI have the strongest teams. Ep is the deepest, Phi Psi has the best rider, and FIJI has the best 2-man combo. Can LaValle ride a million laps and sprint or go solo? Does Ep have a finisher? Will Olsen/Cooper get hung out to dry like recent Beta and Phi Delt teams were by weak teammates?

    Dark horses: XA and Phi Delt. Nobody knows much about either team, but they are both as organized as most teams above. XA is more talented with Briggs being a top 5 engine, but will he adjust to the track and will he have teammates? Who tf even rides for Phi Delt this year? All we know is they’ve been training and carry the blood of Rob Lee in their veins. With luck and a good spring, either team could land in or near the top 5.

    • Looking like an accurate assessment, Ep does not have a finisher, Cooper/Olsen will be on top and La Valle will exchange on 200. 2021 is for the geeds.

    • Ep not deep. Olsen alone.Cooper no train much. Phi Delt better than think but no contend on track (top 8 doe). Phi psi deepest Greek plus best rider.

    • You seem to have your hand on the pulse of little 5 what are your thoughts on Goode leaving JB for BKB? Will this be a game changer for either team?

      • Completely a game changer bkb has it locked:
        1. BKB
        2. Phi Psi
        3. Cutters ( Torin tho)
        4. Gray Goat
        5. JB or Phi Delt it’s a toss up

      • Completely a game changer bkb has it locked:
        1. BKB
        2. Phi Psi
        3. Cutters ( Torin tho)
        4. Gray Goat
        5. JB or Phi Delt it’s a toss up

      • Huge coupe. Jb loses 4 of top 15 ITT depth. Bkb fix vulnerability of being 2 deep. Goode eat laps and buck and brown stay fresh for end. Bkb clear favs jb somewhere in top 5.

      • That stacks BKB as the heavy race favorite and hurts JetBlach A LOT! BKB is racing with a target on their back now any mistake they make will be exploited. I think this benefits Greek teams the most.

        BKB’s highest win percentage is a breakaway. “With great power comes great responsibility”. A sprint is a 10-20% probability for a 5-10 team sprint. They completely waste their advantage if they don’t try to split the field. If I’m Knapp, I’m trying to catch a few of LaValle, Krahulik, Tisdale, and Torin with their pants down in the pits anywhere from 30-50 laps out from the checkered flag. A 15 second gap could be uncatchable. I’d also be looking to work with 1-2 weaker teams (Ep, XA, FIJI, Phi Delt) that will be easy to drop after 20-30 laps off the front.

        BKB is seriously dumb if they don’t empty their tanks trying to get away. Another team could always try to go before BKB does too, which makes them the lead chasing candidate. Anyways, BKB/other will be chased hard by whoever of BKB, Goats, Cutters, and JB are behind. That’s your advantage Greeks. I’m not saying anything else besides you have 2.5 months to figure out how to capitalize on that exact scenario.

  3. Shoutout to my man JC for hooking me up with this thick Pair of Pockets (my BUNS!) because i can ride on my bike with minimal gooch rooch. Thanks to Him (John 3:16) I can train hard indoors.

    • How fucking dare you say something like that on this message board. Yeah it’s 33to1, yeah we insult each other, but the fact that you have the audacity to say something like that about BKB or about any team in the field is pathetic and small. You are a spineless and spiteful, and there is no place for someone like you (and the person who responded) in this community.

  4. Rookie Week is here. Here is your weekly update. A few take aways: AXO and JB are prime to win this year because they have the covid 19 antibodies. Majority of other teams have a huge weakness here. If one member gets sick, they will all get sick. Another key take away, BKB will race both the women’s and men’s race in an attempt to unite the community.

    1. AXO
    2. Theta
    3. Ski
    4. Teter
    5. aopii
    15. BKB
    16. Melanzana
    17. TPA

    1. JB, (or XA)
    2. BKB
    3. Phi Delt
    4. Beta
    5. Grey Goat
    6. Fiji
    15. DU
    16. Cutters
    17. Lamda

    • Hey buddy are you high? Take a look at Beta’s fall ITTs and tell me they are going to finish in fourth place. John McClain is the next Chris Craig- Beta laps the field within the first 20 laps. His greatness cannot be matched. I suggest you concede while you can.

  5. Can RC please use someone other than Brooke for the presentations? I seriously cannot understand what she is saying because of that norwegian (sweedish?) accent. Like please have someone who actually speaks English present these slides. I want to learn about spring series and RC is ruining the experience… Classic

  6. BKB may very well be the best team on paper, and we all know Strobel is a scary rider to have to beat on lap 199. That being said, no one can catch la Valle within last 10. Same may even go for jazz Briggs, who’s also a rider i would not want to be 1v1 with on 199, despite the ENTIRE fields lack of little 5 race experience (Strobel’s advantage again).

    But cmon guys, Gavin Goode isn’t even a band aid to the issue of a two man team. He’s got many ego issues himself, and that says a lot coming from JB. If you think that changes their race strategy, you can bet they won’t get caught with their pants down when a team goes with 30 laps and is serious about it.

    Maybe Andrew is serious enough and so are his guys to actually do it. But there’s at least 6 other teams 3 deep enough for that. And now you ask, who is gonna play hammer and nail among those 6 teams, 4 with sprinters? Also special mention Logan Tits, has finished more races than any finisher for any contender.

    Reminds me of another “4 year” rider who doesn’t get mentioned a lot. Some ex swimmer or something. Not a lot of talk about him. Idk why.

    This is gonna be a good one folks

  7. Wow, Gavin Goode to BKB

    If I’m in charge on race day, I’m mismatching him with the field and having him go at 180 – for 10 laps
    Immediately tossing buck on the bike (with a gap) for his best 4-5 laps ever
    Finishing off with the best engine of the team IMO, Logan Brown to cross solo

    Fool proof, right????

      • How fucking dare you say something like that on this message board. Yeah it’s 33to1, yeah we insult each other, but the fact that you have the audacity to say something like that about BKB or about any team in the field is pathetic and small. You are a spineless and spiteful, and there is no place for someone like you (and the person who responded) in this community.

  8. More like foolish! JB for the win. Never put any stock in a guy that’s never been in a race being a factor right out of the gate. Especially a small rider.

    • Yeah I think JB is gonna win. I mean Rob is very strong and it will show come spring time. It will be interesting if he can get the krahulik family their first Little 500 win. Trent and Braden are probably more fit than Rob. But I think experience matters most this year especially with limited track time this spring.

      • it’s damn funny ya’ll think the three rookies on JB’s race team have **experience** more so than Goode/Brown (obviously Krahulik was and will always be one of the field’s top)… and if you think 3 rookies can beat 3 of the fields top, now all on one team, i’d pay to see if happen. because it won’t… you can’t trust any of JB’s other three to stay on their bikes or handle a pack… forget chasing down BKB attacks, lol

      • Thats not even a hot take at all. Rob completely checked out last year and rumor has it that he only rides close to 5 hours a week. Its funny you guys are acting like he’s a force when he has never proven himself in the Little 500. Any reputation he has was built from following Joe, not from anything he has done alone. It is absolutely clear that he is just coasting by.

        His handling and smarts will be enough to make him one of if not the best lap eater and safest rider. Godspeed, he will be exposed if they have him starting or holding a break.

  9. I guess it all boils down to who is managing those rookies on race day, 2016 Delts did have three rookies on that championship team, for all 3 it was their first bike race of any kind, so I guess it just depends on who is coaching in the pit. This being Courtney Bishop’s last Little 500 coaching year, I don’t see JETBLACH losing.

  10. Rankings of the Independents by depth.
    1&2 JB (2 Strong riders) BKB (3 Strong riders) Gavin could blow up on BKB.
    3. Grey Goat (2 Strong riders)
    4,5,&6 Bears, Cutters, 3PH (wildcards) really unsure how these teams will do on race day. 3PH seems to be putting in a lot of work. This new cutters team is unproven

    • You dont know if Cutters are experienced yet you put them behind Bears…and 3PH…ummm okay. Ridiculous take. This is Cutters propaganda if I’ve ever seen it. The last time Cutters counted themselves out like this was 2018. And, what a crazy coincidence it must be that you write exactly like that TK guy a few comments above.

      • How fucking dare you say something like that on this message board. Yeah it’s 33to1, yeah we insult each other, but the fact that you have the audacity to say something

  11. Starting to feel like theres only five people who post on here…Kinda funny when you think about it….. Hopefully teams don’t actually read this….. hahaha….. would hate for feeelings to get hurt…. we’re all family after all!

  12. Realistic top 5 teams in no particular order. Most are interchangeable because anything can happen on race day. Chains drop and crashes happen.

    Phi Psi

    Dark horses
    GG Chi Alpha Sig Ep

  13. Anyone heard from Forest Cycling this year? I’ve seen those guys put in some mega miles, seems like big things to come from them👀. One of my favorite dark horses for sure.

    • (Just a reminder from page 1 of the Riders Manual: The Riders Council is made up of veteran riders that are leaders on and off the track. They are charged with increasing participation, developing teams and riders within the Little 500 community, teaching first-year riders the basics of riding and Little 500, and helping to increase safety by conducting educational clinics and workshops throughout the Little 500 season.)

      • While yes that is true that’s what they’re job is I think there’s more to it then that. I think RC has done a good job this year to keep people engaged and interested through social media. But with COVID it didn’t allow for a normal fall where most people get on a bike for the very first time and most people don’t start in the fall because of the shit weather during the spring. This leaves many less popular teams without the rookies they need to continue. I think IUSF could do more as far as promoting the race and trying to get people engaged as they can reach a bigger audience then any RC or Little 500 Instagram could.

    • Covid? – Yes. No race in 2020. A few mid and low tier independent teams likely evaporated from 2019.
      IUSF? – Yes. Much more could be done to attract and retain riders and teams.
      Greek teams – Yes.
      Race is too competitive – No.
      Independants hoarding riders – Yes. Not any one teams fault but JB, Cutters, BKB, etc., sponge up more riders than they use keeping other teams from forming.
      I suggest IUSF investigate loosening transfer rules as well explore ways that would allow Independent teams to enter more than one team in the race.

  14. Really bummed to be graduating and have the race canceled 2 years in a row. Hope the spirit of Lil 5 doesn’t die with Coivd

    • Literally just find the crappiest Greek team. All are way overfunded just to be destroyed by underfunded independent teams year after year.

      • Money determines how cute your kit is. It does not guarantee results, at least not yet. It may provide opportunity, but there is no guarantee the team will use it properly.

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