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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.



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  1. This decision had to come from the City and the University. IUSF is being “told” what to do just like the students. No way IUSF can keep the track open and staffed into summer semester. IUSF has been forced into a position requiring it to cancel the race without being told to cancel the race.

      • It’s been postponed to the summer. Late in may. The likelihood the race is the race as we know it is growing slimmer if it even happens on that date. Need 10 teams on either side minimum to make it to sprint series. No quals

  2. It was a reasonable reply to the previous post that said the race was cancelled, even though it has not been cancelled (yet).

  3. Trying to get in contact with anyone who was influential in this process, does anyone have any emails/phone numbers we can call? I emailed IUSF and was only given us Chuck Carney ccarney@iu.edu ( “IU’s spokesman”)

    • Just out of curiosity, are you trying to make the case for the race in April or something similar? Talking to Chuck is going to be like a Whitehouse briefing, an lot of tap-dancing with less finesse. The people I have talked to since yesterday (not IUSF staff) with knowledge of the discussions have said that IU is keeping the “footprint” of Little 500 as small as possible because of parties. Even one party (and that is THE primary reason for a May running) will be viewed as a potential super-spreader event.

      I’ll be happy provide any details you want, text me your email address at (331) 229 7628


      • Right but that doesn’t explain why the race was moved a WHOLE MONTH back! They are putting riders and IUSF in a situation that limits all of Little 5

  4. They want to make absolutely sure. The fact that they put the race on a Wednesday should be indication enough. Do you think IUSF gave any pushback on this? Minimally they should have pushed back on Quals. IUSF should have printed out a list of riders and hometowns to quantify the hassle and expense
    for riders to return. IUSF doesn’t care about the riders, why should IU. How many of you will ever donate to IUSF or IUF. It is a well documented fact that SC donates, riders just don’t.
    Was there any contingency planning to take into the meeting? Was there any rider input? Heck, when was the last time IUSF requested any relevant rider input. If IUSF wants your opinion, they will give it to you, Look back 16 posts you will see this:

    “we got the email 17 minutes before the rest of the field. didn’t know the decision was today, knew nothing at all actually.”

    If any of this, or the countless other examples of IUSF putting the riders last, surprises you, you have not been paying attention.

  5. I propose to all riders griping about the changing dates… please consider going even if it won’t be convenient. If not enough times show interest the race will be cancelled in a second. If you want to be a part (literally) of a storied tradition and its future. Please do what you can to get enough teams to race.

    • I for one just don’t think it’s a big deal for most riders to come back to Bloomington. (caveat being out-of-state riders). If you think about it many Little 5ers routinely drive multiple hours to road races/crits throughout the midwest during the summers.

      • That is a pretty broad statement. (I agree they should try). “Most” and “many” are really “some”. Your “caveat” is a HUGE “caveat”. My house’s team has two riders from Indy, one from California and one from Montana. Most teams are not made up of 4 USA Cycling racers. Most races are not as unique as Little 500; cinder track, exchanges, that require a unique venue in which to train. The is NO substitute for training on the track. Virtually no races are on a Wednesday; they are on the weekends. In short, Little 500 riders are composed less bike racers and more potential bike racers. IUSF knows how many riders will have to travel long distances. Avoiding parties has placed an unreasonable and unwarranted burden on the very people who embody the essence of the Little 500 tradition. These problems have existed for 2 decades but have been laid bare by the pandemic.

        To be clear, this is about the parties! Everything else is a distant second. IUSF/IUF and IU should have been addressing the party problem going all the way back to the Varsity Villa riots in 1991. Back then IUSF advertised Little 500 in cities as far as Los Angeles. They failed to anticipate the consequences from having Mtv promote the Little 500 as the ultimate party weekend. It was critical for IUSF not to have Little 500 weekend be defined by parties and not the race. That didn’t work out very well did it? More recently, ever increasing ticket prices exacerbated the problem. While the Greeks didn’t eliminate the parties, they at least tried to support the race. Both sororities and fraternities imposed fines on members for not attending the race. This practice ultimately evolved to them purchasing tickets for all the members and chartering busses to take them to and from Armstrong stadium. Unfortunately, it didn’t keep the members from showing up drunk.

        There is a cost for all this neglect. And the bill, marked “OVER DUE” is expected to be paid by the riders.
        These are the dedicated students who challenge the roads of Southern Indiana, who dutifully come to practice, who risk injury, who endure the adverse weather. When they ask relevant question to IUSF, the reply is “There’s nothing I can do”. (Thanks Andrea) THEY are the ones IU punishes and IUSF willfully sacrifices on the altar of “Leadership for a Lifetime”.(Seriously, Little 500 on a Wednesday?)

        Little 500 is the single most inspiring and transformative event at Indiana University. Unfortunately, you can’t live off a Tradition forever. It must be nurtured, respected and tuned to the changing conditions. When Bill Armstrong died in 1977, Little 500 lost a seat at the table. IUSF became increasingly tone deaf and less inspirational. In the past 5 years “tone deaf” has turned into “stone deaf”. As one Little 500 champion said: “IUSF has sucked all the enthusiasm out of the race.” Thursday’s IDS article on the postponement on the race netted SIX sentences. In their defense, last time they went to IUSF/IUF for input, regarding the controversy before the 2019 race, they were met with a resounding chorus of “No Comment!”

        In many ways, the Little 500 is on a ventilator. In the past, it has been the riders, alumni riders and coaches, that resurrected the race from certain death. In the past 5 years, the IUSF staff, lacking any guidance from IUF, has done an impressive job of silencing these people, who are the very essence of the Little 500. And the ones they could not silence, they marginalized or removed. This time they have presented a monumental obstacle to he race community. And with the reduced number of teams, Little 500 may have become a patient that even the dedicated riders can’t save. However, if they cannot, it will not be because they failed Little 500. It will be because IUSF failed them AND the Little 500.


  6. 1. Go off king
    2. As a current regular, non-RC rider, what can I do to improve the situation and help turn the L5 back into the tradition it once was? Your long post got me a bit fired up, but what can I do to help fix this?

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