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    • XA isn’t Greek, but are they the only house on NoJo training? No Beta, Ep, Phi Delt, Phi Psi, or DX? Disappointing to say the least

      • Ep will muster up a decent team after their training trip if they can time their training correctly. 8-12th.

        Phi Psi is a one man show, it won’t matter how fast LaValle is because he doesn’t have a supporting cast as of now. 10th.

        Phi Delt is the only Greek team putting in real hours. Will be the fastest team they’ve had since the Lee era, but will get smoked by BKB and JB like everyone else. Top 5 finish.

        Beta and Sig Chi= non-existent, 15th or worse. The only thing saving these two teams are that there are less teams in the field than there have ever been, easily would be in the 20-30 range back in 2015.

        SAE sank faster than the Titanic, with the captain being the first person to jump ship (thought this was a team founded by swimmers). They may never be contenders again.

        PSA: A team isn’t Greek unless they’re on IFC. FITFO.

      • I agree with your take on Ep although they would be much worse overall in a normal year.

        JB and BKB are in their own tier at the top with GG and Chi Alpha a notch below. I can’t support Phi Delt as the next best team when they have zero riders who can hang when Buck, Rob, Tisdale, and Jazz are out there.

        Phi Psi lacks depth but just about every other team lacks talent. Andrew can handle a 40 mile ride with a weak field.

        Beta and Sae didnt have teams last year, and I haven’t heard anything about Sigma Chi.

        I would add that Fiji deserves some love. Nick Olsen is one of the best Greek riders in the field after Andrew LaValle.

  1. where y’all getting everyone’s training plans on how much they’re riding? Would love to know! The spring is gonna be a wake up call because many teams are taking a different approach this year. Also just because XA participates in things doesn’t make them a top contender. At the end of the day they’re still not a contender. Remember you can be good on the road but trash on the track

    • Watch strava my friend, it’s beyond apparent that all the teams above are either training and putting in the effort or there not. XA went like 9,10,11 in ITT’s. While ITT’s aren’t everything it shows potential for a fast team. Kinda sounds like you’re a salty phi delt who thinks they’re putting in work when you’re not. What different approach are we missing? No miles in the fall and then interval sessions everyday come winter? Keep telling yourself that so you can think you’re good on the track but just a trash roadie.

      • How can we keep 5 year olds off 33to1? I don’t think you have the slightest clue of this year’s team dynamics, although probably smarter than the XA hater. The comment you’re responding to was 100% written by a geed. You say you checked Strava, and then said phi delt isn’t riding..?

        Going after people’s “road skills” is a geed punchline, and it doesn’t even make sense here because XA doesn’t have road race experience.

  2. Such an easy claim to make when all they have to do is produce a lead lap finish 😂
    Wait if they finish lead lap then they’re better than Rob Lee and Romo?
    Jeff, stop it. Your team is the greek Forest.

  3. That 9,10,11 finish doesn’t mean anything when not every team was riding. Come spring ITTs and everyone’s actually on the track, we’ll have a true sense of who can do what

  4. 1: Jet Blach
    JB narrowly squeaks in as the best team in the field right now. With Rob K & Gavin Goode as their 1-2 and a 3-4 deeper than any of team on the list, it’s not hard to imagine them at the top of the podium next year.

    2: BKB
    Arguably the most star studded program in the field right now. Strobel is easily the best rider in the field and after watching him curb stop worlds all fall, it’s safe to say Brown isn’t far behind him. Couple this with Knapp in the pit, and you have a scary team. The only question I have is whether or not BKB can muster a 3-4 that can hold against JB.

    3: Cutters
    Gonna get a lot of flack for this, but Cutters is the 3rd strongest team in the field right now. Talent wise I’d say they’re barely a top 5 team, but the program has the history and the structure to turn mid-grade talent into high-octane winners. If Cutters can find a sprinter, Torin’s engine will have them at lap 199.

    Strength wise I think that ChI Alpha and their #WattsForJesus are right up there to hang with any team on this list so far. My question is, will the new kids on the block have the race experience and track awareness to not get used?

    5: FIJI
    It might be easy to see Fiji on here and think “wow they’ll put anyone but Grey (gray?) Goat on this list” and you’d in fact be right! That being said FIJI has a real hitter in Nick Olsen and one on the most season racers in Cooper. The program looks solid and Strava has the numbers to back them up.

    Honorable Mention(s):

    Phi delt:
    Many years ago it was said in this very message board that Phi Delt is a team that doesn’t train until spring, then always shows up on race day… well they’re training before spring this year. Phi Delt has a group of dedicated and hard working guys, and it would be stupid to write them off so quickly.


    I pride myself in knowing as little about GG as possible. I’m sure they will be pretty okay at L5.

      • Nick’s lost everyone on the race team.

        Phi Psi is a top 5 team. Andrew is a tank and the lack of help is really exaggerated. There’s no clear #2 yet but they have some B/B- riders.

        CSF? Nah.

        BKB, JB, GG, XA, PhiPsi, and Cutters will be there in the end. Fiji is possible and Ep is remote.

    • 1. – BKB, With Buck and Brown at the helm, this team has experience, depth and talent. Buck and Brown are hands down one of the best sprinters in the field, with Brown crushing worlds this summer.

      2. – JB, Krahulik, Clements, and Goode round out a deep 3 with JetBlach. The team has depth and speed in Rob and Clements. Honestly, the race will probably come down to JB and BKB.

      3. – XA, Tough to deny XA when they have 3 riders in the top 15 at ITTs. We will see how Briggs and his team stand up in the spring, but as of now they deserve a top 3 projection.

      4. – Phi Psi, Lavalle is hands down one of the strongest riders in the field , and even though he may be a one man show he still has an engine to carry that team. If he can get a supporting cast they could be a strong team come spring.

      5. – Phi Delt, maybe they can finally get a team back into the top 5, but this team has been riding. They have 2 guys in the top 20 of ITTs, if they can show up in the spring, they have a chance.

      • Torin on Cutters has an engine just as strong as Lavalle, and is part of a program that knows how to execute. Albert lost on lap 199 because he didn’t have the legs after carrying his team all race. What makes you think Andrew will be any different? Especially with a weaker supporting cast.

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