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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.



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  1. Can somebody start a GoFundMe to get the Phi Delts some bike socks? Funny how the geeds are more frat than the frats.

    Dave Blaze identity reveal if a frat podiums! @Phi Psi @Sig Ep @FIJI @Pi Lam

  2. Tisdale and Strobel are heads and shoulders above every other sprinter as seen in Miss and Out. These teams want a sprint so figure out how to use that to your advantage. 5 days to go.

  3. @The petition circulating around, why the hell would you ask for fans to be attendance and not just parents and teammates. I’m tired of seeing Instagram stories where riders demand to have their parents or teammates there to attend, even though the change.org petition wants to allow fans as well. I get your argument in the hypocrisy of other sports hosting fans and bars being open, frankly I even agree. But writing a petition that calls for different change than which you advertise looks bad and makes the motives seem questionable. I think Monroe county and IU would be more responsive if the petition was more reasonable and only asked for parents and teammates to be able to attend. After all, they are far more important than any other fans.

  4. Show me one petition or change.org campaign involving Little 500 that has been successful.
    Well written or not. None of us are in a position to pushback on these decisions. We’re too afraid to even push back on Andrea. All of these options should have been presented back in March before everything was set in stone. IUSF/IUF is not selling the riders out now, they sold all of us out last March.

    McRobbie is not making any changes this late. (And it is HIS call) He faces no consequences for holding the line. His last day as President is June 30th. He is judgement proof. To him and many others, the tradition of Little 500 that is woven into the fabric of I.U., is not the bike race, it is the parties. Consider the Greek teams that are not riding in 2021 because of transgressions made by their membership. For some administrators it is a clear sign that to the students the bike race is a distant second to their right to party.

    Our dedication to the Little 500 race stands head and shoulders above virtually every other student and organization on campus. And that includes IUSF and IUF, who already know that you will not be a donor to IU. Which makes you a non-person their eyes.

    Focus on the tasks at hand and forget about the things you cannot change. Go out on Wednesday and ride your hearts out. Make sure that the hardest ride on Wednesday, is your ride home, because you left everything on the track. Because by doing so, you pay your respect to the tradition, a tradition that deserves at least that.

  5. Gone are the days when this board could be full of Little 5 nonsense, race predictions, and criticism towards IUSF (some warranted, some just stupid).

    Now we have to worry about real problems. Growing the race, poor and dangerous track conditions, fans in the stands, the future of the race, etc.

    As Andy Bernard said: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

  6. Given the weather predictions for Wednesday, it may be a long day for both men and women riders. Particularly troubling will be if the Women’s race is moved to the evening. This, however, would not be the first time the women have run under the lights. In 2012 for the 25th Women’s race, the race,which started and 8:00pm) was both under the lights and in the rain.

    The difference for 2021 will be in the preparation for running in the evening. That difference is that in 2012 IUSF paid $5000.00 to have the lights re-aimed to provide a safer environment. (The lights are aimed for Soccer, with the brightest area being the middle of the soccer field,) The NCAA has guidelines for ensuring safety for the athletes and enjoyment for the spectators for outdoor sports held at night. Prior to adjusting the lights, these standards were not met. In fact, the lighting in turns 1, 3 & 4, varied from unsafe to dangerous.

    So be careful 0ut there.

  7. All Star Riders

    Evie – Zana
    Katherine Free – DG
    Jess – AXiD
    Anna Young – Theta
    Corrine – Teter
    Nat – TPA

    Krahulik – JB
    Buck – BKB
    Logan Tisdale – GG
    La Valle – PhiPsi
    Rhys Ivory-Ganja – SigEp
    Chase Madsen – XA

    Rookies of the Year

    Olivia Hubbart – Theta
    Audrey La Valle – Theta
    Kensington Knowling – DG
    Stephanie Portolese – Zana

    Logan Brown – BKB
    Torin – Cutters
    Braden Clements – JB
    Jake Richards – GG

  8. Wow, what a crazy, crash filled race. Unlucky crash to have at lap 197 to take out the fields top sprinters, Logan Tisdale and Robert Strobel. With all the work Strobel put in to catch on, you have to think that was Tisdale’s race to lose right there. Credit to JB and Cutters for picking up the pieces and sealing up the podium. BKB and GG will surely be back next year, but damn, did we want to see that Strobel Tisdale face off one last time. Kudos to both 4 year riders, who surely have to be in the conversation for all star rider, regardless of their finish.

    • Bullshit!

      BKB and GG were NOT in the right spot when it mattered most. The track was a mess and pack position over the last 5 laps was paramount. It was INEVITABLE that there would be a crash before the white flag.

      @DAMM is your real name Charlie Hammon? “BKB’s Strobel is nearing the finish, merely seconds behind those other riders who placed ahead of him, its unfortunate this is not a 201 lap race….”

      • What are your referring to? Just watched the race tape and that was never said by either commentator.

    • Neither of them were beating Rob yesterday and especially not under those conditions. Weve never seen him pop like that and I dont think he will ever do it again.

      • The last lap was only 32.3 seconds. It would have been nice to see how Tisdale would have fared there. But hats off to the winners and Krahulik. Fun race to watch.

    • Strobel and Tisdale for being experienced racers did not have track position when it mattered. What was not talked about at all in the broadcast was the save by Sig Ep to battle back to 3rd.

  9. Phi Psi laps the field after a monster ride from LaValle, Ep on the podium after surviving the crash, FIJI gives everyone a very sweaty race, and Phi Delt chasing back and sitting in prime sprint position on Lap 198 before the crash…

    Next year might be for the Greeks!

  10. Last team on the lead lap when the crash on 198 happened. Blown off the back when Phi Psi was lapping and only made contact again because of the crash at 150. Nobody benefitted more than XA from crashes!

    • Phi Psi and JB are at the top. I would give Phi Psi a slight edge over JB based on who is returning. However, I don’t think either team is suited for a top 3 (top 5 if you’re phi psi) finish if there is a field sprint.

      Logan Brown might be the fastest person on the track now. Toran and Chase both overachieved based on the crash but Cutters and XA will improve their teams to support them better. Expect them to be there.

      I wish I knew more about Phi Delta Theta but I think Murray can be a race winner if everything goes smoothly for them.

      Unless anyone significantly improves their sprint, the 2022 field lacks someone as quick as second tier sprinters from 2021 like Ganja. All the top returners (Goode, Toran, Andrew, Hohenstreiter, and Brown to an extent) are known for their endurance rather than their speed.

      • XA and Phi Delta Theta could be scary next year. XA didn’t have Briggs and Madsen still proved he is absolutely that guy, and Phi Delt could have been on the podium after riding the most underrated race of any team this year.

        Still have to worry about JB, Phi Psi, and Cutters, but many capable teams returning next year.

  11. JB, Cutters, XA, BKB, and Phi Psi are the only teams that have a legitimate shot winning the 2022 race. Other notable teams (Bears, Goats, Ep, Phi Delt) lack a true star, while each of the top 5 will have an elite 1-2 punch that makes them serious contenders. Trent-Josh vs. Toran-Peyton vs. Jazz-Chase vs. Logan-Gavin vs. Andrew-Carson will make for a very exciting finish

  12. Who finishes the race for Phi Psi? Andrew is their best rider but has two years of disappearing acts on the last lap. Do they switch it up for Etnyre who has the faster top gear or do they go with the experienced captain?

  13. 1. Phi Psi- Their race to lose as Carson might have surpassed La Valle as their top rider making them even more dangerous with La Valle still being a top rider in the field.
    2. BKB- Logan and Gavin’s fitness will be tough to beat but will they add exchanges into their training this year?
    3. Cutters- Everyone returning and it’s Cutters.
    4. Phi Delt- Murray and Kulik seemed to train most of the summer and are looking to put Phi Delt back on the podium with 4 returning riders.
    5. GG- Richards coming back for a 5th year with some experienced guys but it’s GG.

    Honorable Mention:
    SigEp- Overachieved last year and will be back to barely breaking top 10
    JB- Courtney is gone and Herbst seems to be taking over as Trent is still celebrating Krahulik’s win.
    XA- aka Chase Madsen one man team

    • Let’s not forget Andrew LaValle has won 0 bike races and Carson hasn’t raced either. Winning L5 clearly isn’t about speed as we saw last year.

    • 1. BKB
      Good team. No holes. Best fitness. April 2022 is ruined

      2. Phi Psi/JB
      Andrew and Carson are great but Phi Psi are finished if the pack is together. I think you are giving no credit to Herbst who was already faster than Murray, Jake, Chase, and Logan as a freshman.

      4. Cutters
      Like Phi Psi, a talented but extremely limited team as far as speed goes.

      5. Chase already proved he could do it by himself. Chi Alpha will not be marked and should have an easy race.

      BKB, XA, JB, and PhiDelt all have a better shot at the podium if the race ends in a sprint… Torin and Andrew made Rob K look like he could sprint

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