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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.



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    • That Thompson kid is fit but he can’t race for shit

      He has no idea what he’s doing and can’t handle the turns without sliding all over the place

      He came into the fall with more experience than most of the rookies, which accounted for his fall “domination.” Now that a majority of the rookies have caught up he’s gonna be humbled big time.

  1. Bitching about me to everyone is a bad look. Not sure what proof you need other than multiple, recorded angles of you riding into me and hitting the ground. I really thought this would be over for you by now but hearing that my name is still in your mouth is sad. After the wreck I apologized to you and Knapp because I was sorry the race was over for us, not because I wrecked you out.

    • Last year it sometimes felt like I was one of the ONLY people in the field that didn’t have a bad taste in their mouth from you, INCLUDING MOST OF YOUR TEAM. At a certain point maybe you should consider if it’s not everyone else that is the problem.

      • This year seems to be proving a correlation between being good at riding bikes and being an absolute whiny little bitch. If this community is going to piss and shit all year about something that happened in a race from months ago, then go handle it in private like an adult, then do us all a favor and fuck off. It’s been constant this year – the fast ones at the top representing the race are mostly crying little toddlers. 2023 will mark the first year when there is more testosterone in the Miss Indiana beauty pageant than in the top of the Men’s Race.
        The majority of riders are sick of this same shit from the same few teams and individuals who can’t seem pull their thumb out of their ass crack and stop being an utter embarrassment to the race.

  2. Guys sometimes you gotta be the nicest to the meanest people. Chances are when someone is an asshole they’re just going thru some shit. You never know what kind of depression or mental issues or even just personal relationship stuff is going on with someone and maybe Gavin or these guys ur bashing just need friends or someone to show them what it’s like to hang with good, fun people. It could be your kindness that transforms someone’s perspective…

    • Why is it that as soon as people see someone with some actual talent and a solid work ethic, they immediately assume doping/steroids? The reality of it is that most L5 riders are just really bad at the sport and don’t know what it actually takes to be a decent cyclist. You too can get good at cycling if you actually commit to a training program that isn’t dumb af and dedicate more than 6 hours a week to it. In short, nobody’s on EPO. You just suck.

    • Carson is fucking ripped to the bone and it’s because he works hard, love the doping allegations as if anyone would do it for a race so trivial, though it doesn’t mean he’s the best little 5 rider as well – an observant alum

  3. Guys guys let’s just settle this debate once and for all:

    McNutt is clearly the strongest Little 5 team, nobody stands a chance against them.

    They’ve become so good that they don’t even ride normal bike routes. They take their bikes out onto I-69 and compete against cars because racing against normal bike riders is far too easy. They leave cars in their dust in the fast lane regularly on their way to riding their daily quadruple century.

    That train that got derailed in Ohio 2 weeks ago? That was caused by McNutt. They were practicing bump drills with trains because regular riders were far too weak for them and well, we all know what happened to that train.

    I’ve personally seen the McNutt team ride uphill both ways on their way to class with one foot, while the other foot was busy fighting two mountain lions.

    We are all insignificant. McNutt is inevitable and we all need to accept it, there’s no need to squabble amongst ourselves.

  4. Despite this childish drama about bikers not accepting the shit that happens to them, what are some things to look out for in the race?

  5. Before these new bikes erase all the records set by men of old, I think we need to shoutout the last 10 years of Little 500 cycling. Dudes like Xavier Martinez, Joe Krahulik, and Nobel Romans Guyon deserve to have their names praised like Hans as they ushered in this new era of Little 500. Like it or not, they set the stage for these clowns we have riding on SuperBikes instead of the 50lb Schwinn bikes these legends pushed into sub 2:20 ITTs

    • Exactly who is praising Hans? And the State “Superbikes” (Steel) weigh more than the “50lb” Schwinn (Aluminum) bikes. By 6 to 7 pounds.

      • Hans is the standard every rider is held to, regardless of association. Despite track conditions, cog size, and coke use, he has set the line, at least in ITTs.

    • If you are sure, then make a formal complaint to IUSF, naming names, including your own. PEDs are against the rules, bad for the race and bad for the athlete long term. Testing is relatively cheap and easy. IUSF would need to follow through by testing privately and a proven cheater would have repercussions well beyond loss of eligibility.
      If instead you are just trolling someone who put in the work and is riding you off his wheel, then who is the loser here?

    • Who exactly are you accusing of using EPO? Use you real name if you respond. What proof do you have other than he is faster than me?

    • Seems like an accusation made by someone who wants to get everyone piss tested…and then siphon off some of the piss for their own shameless pleasures

    • I’d argue he’s on tren or T or HGH rather than any of these and the answer is none. Jesus kids ride your bike more and you’ll look fit

    • The only loser is someone who can’t make time to train as much as his competition, if that’s what he cares about. Spend some time on the bike, heck a lot of it, and come back and realize how out of touch you are

  6. Love the Carson doping comments. Just reeks of insecurity IMO. Nobody can afford or would go so far to take PEDs for little 5, it’s literally an unofficial and impractical bike race that means so little in the long run. Any haters are just jealous they can’t work as hard or prioritize the thing they “care so much about”.

    Grow up

  7. Restricted Items at Bill Armstrong Stadium

    Umbrellas, Strollers, Seatbacks,Dogs/Pets,
    Tobacco/E-cigarettes, Alcohol,
    Weapons (Indiana weapons or John Wick type weapons?)

    Bloomington Weather
    6am to Noon – Showers
    Wind 8>20 mph
    Feels Like Temp 49 degrees falling to 39 degrees

    What that are really restricting at Bill Armstrong Stadium are humans who don’t what to get a bad cold.

  8. BKB went for something really cool today and had a lot of grit to do it, I’m sad to see them not make it into the race and honestly if they have the precedent to make it in, I would be the first to welcome them. Let’s not give them any shit, they deserve all the praise in the world for the passion and drive. It’s guys like BKB that make the race what it is.

      • Check yourself. Even though they are your competitors, it should make you sad watching people that worked so hard and care so much to not get to race. They put their all into it. If you can come in here and anonymously talk shit, you’re lacking in the human part of bike racing. The point of quals is to make sure the fastest teams are in the race, but unfortunately it really just judges how teams can do an exchange that isn’t even needed in the bike race. There’s no question about it, they are one of the fastest teams. You’re happy about them not qualing because you’re scared to race them… you know they’re faster than you. Throw some respect their way… its not funny, its heart braking.

      • First, as a veteran of more than a few Qualifications, it IS the responsibility of the coach. They are responsible for the physical and mental readiness of the Quals team. This is especially true for a team with a record like BKB. It is unfortunate they are not in the race however; they have done their share of trashing talking other teams and riders and that always comes back to haunt you. It’s called Karma.

        “The point of quals is to make sure the fastest teams are in the race, but unfortunately it really just judges how teams can do an exchange that isn’t even needed in the bike race.”

        This comment illustrates how little the poster understands and appreciates what Quals represents in the scheme of the Little 500. The point Quals is to make sure the fastest teams who can complete 3 exchanges are in the race. It’s been that way since 1951. I especially enjoyed the part: “an exchange that isn’t even needed in the bike race”. I’m pretty sure exchanges are required in the race. Face it, the bar was exceptionally low for entry into the 2023 race. Only having to beat the Beta time of 2:52.070, was not some hopeless task. Speed was irrelevant, exchanges were paramount.

        It would have been nice to have seen all three BKB attempts. But IUSF obviously concluded that the best way to experience Quals if you were not at the track was to stare at a spreadsheet; the excitement provided by pressing the refresh button. It seems that every year, IUSF (and I’m NOT referring to Emily either!) manages lose ground when it comes to valuing the spectators.

    • “Heart braking” let us down and I can’t help but think that we would have made the race had we been better at braking using our feet.

  9. Chose not to livestream after continued feedback about previous ones being low-quality.

    A few teams streamed their attempts yesterday, and they looked great!

    • Well, that explains everything! BTW, your technology consisted of a 2nd gen iPad (2014)

      I guess “Leadership for a Lifetime” means that “If at first you don’t succeed, Give up.”

      As an SC alumni, I’m stunned by your response.

      • Would love to see IU media school get involved with streaming Quals and the Spring Series Events. Would give the announcers plenty of time to interview teams/riders before the race and work out any technical issues.

  10. Sad to see that BKB will not be in this year’s race. Big fan of those guys. Feel like they should have known after the first fault to slow down and focus on good solid exchanges in order to at least have a chance to be on the board. Better to get a bad time in quals than to not qual at all. Speed is one thing, control is another. I know those boys are strong, but safe and proper execution of exchanges never goes out of style and boy is it necessary on race day.

  11. Other than bkb faulting Cinzano qualifying 8th was the highlight of quals. They’ve been getting an unnecessary amount of clowning just for being a team. They’ve been working hard all year and I’m glad to see them finish top 10.

  12. While you were studying Strava, I studied the exchange.

    While you were engaged in practice races during spring break, I practiced the exchange.

    While you spent weekends doing forest loops and running beer miles for the sake of vanity, I used the exchange.

    Now that Quals is here you’re all unprepared, unlike me…for I studied the exchange.

  13. RIP bkb. so sad to see. however, i am not suprised. due to poor leadership and a lack of discipline, it was inevitable something like this was bound to happen. that team severely lacked any type of leadership.

  14. Happy to see BKB do well at ITTs yesterday, really feel for them not racing this year. The field is missing a dangerous team.

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