Crash on lap 199 clears way for Black Key Bulls to win Little 500

It had all the makings for a sprint finish.

After teams exchanged the lead all afternoon and a group of 10 teams were in contention for the title midway through the Little 500, the field whittled down to seven with two laps to go.


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Black Key Bulls, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Tau Delta, Beta Theta Pi, Cutters and Sigma Chi had escaped the field and had formed a small peloton. They were preparing for a sprint finish. It was lap 199. 

As they rounded turn three, though, Beta Theta Pi’s Chris Craig slid out. The crash took out six of the seven competing teams. Only Black Key Bulls escaped unharmed.

And after one lap under a yellow flag, Black Key Bulls was able to race the final lap unthreatened, crossing the checkered flag alone for its first-ever title in nine races.

Below are the full results from the 64th men’s Little 500:

1. Black Key Bulls

2. Phi Delta Theta

3. Delta Tau Delta

4. Sigma Phi Epsilon

5. Phi Gamma Delta

6. Beta Theta Pi

7. Sigma Alpha Epsilon

8. Cutters

9. Sigma Chi

10. Wright Cycling

11. Phi Kappa Sigma

12. Delta Sigma Pi

13. Forest Cycling

14. Gray Goat

15. CSF Cycling

16. Delta Chi

17. Lambda Chi Alpha

18. Pi Kappa Phi

19. Alpha Epsilon Pi

20. Phi Kappa Psi

21. Sigma Nu (Dixie Highway Award winner; started 32nd)

22. Dodd’s House

23. Collins Buccaneers

24. Evans Scholars

25. Delta Upsilon

26. Sigma Alpha Mu

27. Northern Indiana Cycling

28. Kappa Delta Rho

29. Pi Kappa Alpha

30. Sigma Pi

31. Phi Sigma Kappa

32. Phi Kappa Tau

33. Alpha Tau Omega

42 thoughts on “Crash on lap 199 clears way for Black Key Bulls to win Little 500

  1. Great day of racing. I feel like the strongest/deepest team won. BKB may or may not have won a 5 up sprint but they were in the right place at the right time and deserve the victory.

  2. No doubt, I’ve seen some of that #betafellfirst stuff on twitter and want to say that’s bullshit. It’s racing, crazy stuff happens, it’s unfortunate, but blaming one team is for the drunk frat guys. It’s going to be a hell of a race in 2015!

  3. Gotta think that Paul Smith would have taken the sprint. Following the crash he was in 5th and ended up 3rd, right next to Rob Lee

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  5. I’d love to see some details on the lap times, I saw phi delt had the fastest lap but don’t know when that happened

    • “Race Monitor” has each teams lap times. Fastest lap -Phi Delt, lap 97, 32.285, second fastest – SAE, lap 14, 32.392,…

    • MIddle of nowhere, no biker on the road in either direction, well off the road in a ditch covered with mud, been there for a few days; don’t think it was left intentionally. Who would leave a smart phone in a ditch. Things fall off of bikes and out of pockets frequently. Owner can claim it easily.

  6. Are there other discussion forums to see commentary on both races? I loved pedals and spokes back in my day. I’m hungry for more race discussion!

  7. I would recommend , but that has been quiet as well.

    what were you hoping to discuss?

  8. So who do you think wins that 8 up sprint?

    Jake Miller – BKB
    Paul Smith – Delts
    Rob Lee – Phi Delt
    Chris Craig – Beta
    Kevin Depasse – Cutters
    Brian Arfmann – Sig Chi
    ?? – Fiji
    ?? – Sig Ep

    I’d bet it would come down to Lee v. Smith , they seemed to be in really good position. and are both proven sprinters

  9. Not miller. He lead out like the last 3 laps. He would’ve been passed by 3 or 4 people would be my guess.

    Arfmann was 100+ laps in and fried.

    Depasse doesn’t have the pop and top end speed. Haven’t seen it from Rob Lee either. Torrence hasn’t done much on a L5 bike, definitely strong though. McClary lost a lot of ground after the crash, not sure how much that affected him.

    Based off position and sprinting ability, it would’ve come down to Craig and Smith.

  10. Even without the crash Jake would have won. “Lead out”—>you think of Little 500 too as a road race, which it is not (I bet you also think the Phi Gamms were going to lap the field when they attempted its “breakaway” at lap 50). The inside lane is the shortest distance around the track, not to mention, given the dryness that day, it was also the safest/fastest. He took the inside line and the W on the backstretch of 197. Watch the video, it goes four wide as they go into turn 3 and he is the only guy in that group who had the balls to take the win. Lap 197 and 198 were both 40 second laps, which wouldn’t have burned up any pop in his legs. Finally, the kid only rode 23 laps on the day. Name one guy in the pack that had less than double that lap count? Chris and Rob would have contended, but when you are doing a 31/32 second lap, it is incredibly difficult to make a pass. No one else stood a chance given their positioning.

    • Good point about Miller’s fresh legs, I would still argue that in a large sprint like that, you don’t want to have to react to someone coming over the top on you.

      You also mentioned the breakaway from FIJI early in the race, I thought that was a good move to put some hurt into the rest of the riders, the Cutters and Delts had to drive the pace fore a few laps to catch back on.

      I also think that the 8-man pack was doomed to crash.

      Like Indiana said, it is incredibly difficult to make a pass doing a 31/32 second lap.This doesn’t mean people won’t try it. And like we saw last week and in a few past races, this usually has disastrous results.

      I wish a few teams had avoided the wreck though, it would have been a great finish!

  11. Still wondering how Miller was selected an All-Star rider when he rode less than 25 laps and won the sprint by default

    • Every rider on a Little 500 team has a role. Jake’s was to get to the finish line before anyone else on lap 200. His teammates put in a hell of a job to make sure he was fresh when he got there. Last time I checked, Jake was the only one of eight to keep the rubber side down. The race was won for BKB on lap 197 going into turn 3 not lap 199. Once he took the inside, all he had to do was make sure no one passed him on the outside.

    • The riders vote for the all star team, and since 3/4 of them were 10 laps down and had no Idea what was happening, they mostly voted for the winners. Those guys deserve it anyway, and I don’t think many riders were upset about it

  12. Indiana you have no clue what you’re talking about. If you’re a BKB fan then fine, but don’t get on here and say things that are wrong

    • Ohio, haters can hate, but Jake had the best position. Despite how good the other guys are, there was no way anyone was coming around.

      • Just because you take the inside with 1 and a half laps left doesn’t mean much.
        AXO took this same position in the women’s race and ended up finishing 3rd.
        Jake had fresh legs, so I’m not saying he would have lost, but he definitely didn’t lock it up once he took the inside.

    • Crash was inevitable. Its unfortunate it took so many people out. Who knows what would have happened. My money was on someone not boxed and not outside top 3 positions.

  13. In the world of Little 500, history had a tendency to repeat itself.

    Bunch sprints won from the inside:
    –97, Woj, Cutters
    –98, Dodds
    –03, John Grant, Gafombi
    –05, Craig Luekens, Dodds
    –07, Alex Bishop, Cutters
    –09, Eric Young, Cutters
    –14, Jake Miller, Black Key Bulls

  14. Jacob Miller did not “win” a bunch sprint. Also, almost all of those people were head and shoulders better than the rest of the field. Miller was not

    • Yeah, the field was competitively balanced. Jake won on smarts by putting himself at the right place at the right time. Chris was unable to make a pass at 20 mph, much less 28 mph. Rob was the only other guy in position to challenge. Everyone else was fighting for 4th,

    • Didn’t really need to be head and shoulders better as his team was deep. Miller is a champion, you are likely not.

      • He didn’t win a bunch sprint. Everyone else lost.
        It’s a moot point about who would have won.
        His teammates did a phenomenal job setting him up.
        His position wasn’t good but if you watched him in Miss N Out, he didn’t really have a big burst so he was the one that needed to initiate the sprint. Same could be said for a few other people in there at the end.

        As for the all star thing. You have a 33 teams voting, 20+ of them are fairly clueless. They’re going to give it to the person that crossed the line first regardless of how much/little he did during the race.

  15. My thoughts exactly on both topics, Switzerland.
    so far you are my favorite of the Geographic locations!

    To change the subject a little, anyone have picks for the Giro?

    Also, congrats to the IU cycling team on some great results for nationals

  16. Would welcome ONE more article chronically the All Star Riders, the Rookies, etc., from 2014 for those that follow the action from afar.

    Thanks for the website.

  17. I hope there’s one more post summarizing, but here’s the All stars/Rookies from their twitter:

    All Star Men
    Toby Kemp (DSP)
    Rob Lee (Phi Delts)
    Paul Smith (DTD)
    Jacob Miller (BKB)
    Brian Arfmann (Sigma Chi)
    Charlie McClary (FIJI)
    Michael Willkie (Gray Goat)

    All Star Women
    Emma Caughlin (Teter)
    Ashton DeHahn (Teter)
    Aryn Doll (Chi Omega)
    Jeni Gillenwater
    Kelsey Tharnstrom
    Lyndi Hollis

    Men’s Rookies of the year
    Steven Gomez (BKB)
    Nick Thiery (Cutters)
    Spencer Brauchla (BKB)
    Chris Craig (Beta).

    Women’s Rookies of the Year:
    Tabitha Sherwood (Collins)
    Brenna McGinn (Theta)
    Megan Huibregtse (Ski)
    Julie Daugherty (Melanzana)

    Sorry if anyone won that wasn’t included, just copied and pasted from their twitter account
    Great job with the site and I hope to see more great content in 2015!

  18. The race results listed on this website are wrong.
    1. BKB
    2. Phi Delta Theta
    3. Delta Tau Delta
    4. Sigma Phi Epsilon
    5. Phi Gamma Delta
    6. Sigma Chi
    7. Beta Theta Pi
    8. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    9. Cutters

  19. When is IUSF going to enforce the Student Coaching rule. The link below is to a photo of the Sigma Chi “Student Coach” Adam Fish who is NOT elegible under the rules below. If you don’t enforce it why even have it.

    All student coaches are responsible for the following
    1. Complete one of the following
    a. Have already completed Student Coaching requirements in a previous year and are cleared through IUSF
    b. Complete the Little 500 Student Coach Training
    7:30-8:30 p.m. in the Bill Armstrong Stadium Press Box
    Dates: 2/20, 2/26, 3/4, 3/10
    2. Must meet all of the same eligibility requirements as a rider.

    Note: Coaches are responsible for having all riders and the student coach’s IU student identification cards with them on race day. Positive identification of the riders and student coach is required. Any team in violation of ineligible personnel is subject to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at the discretion of the Chief Steward.

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