Best race of all time?

Without a doubt, the 2015 men’s Little 500 has to be one of the best races in Little 500 history.

It had clean racing. There were no devastating crashes that wiped out the field. In fact, there was only one meaningful crash, and one of the teams involved, Sigma Phi Epsilon, went on to win. A fall didn’t impact who won the race.

It had showmanship. Who can forget Phi Delta Theta’s Rob Lee waving to the crowd at the beginning of the race?

It had a strong attack (Delta Tau Delta). It had an even better bridge (Beta Theta Pi, Cutters, Sig Ep, Black Key Bulls).

It had heart-pounding drama. It had the finish we all crave. Six teams finished within .38 seconds of each other, and Sig Ep narrowly beat out BKB by .024 seconds. That’s closer than the closest Indianapolis 500 finish ever recorded (.043 seconds).

It had sportsmanship from all parties after the race, acknowledging what an amazing race had just occurred.

What more could you ask for in the Little 500?

It was only the fourth men’s Little 500 I have seen, so I’m asking those of you who have much more knowledge than me, was last year’s race the best race of all time?

Let me know what you think has been the best Little 500 race of all time in the comments below.