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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.



2,976 thoughts on “Discussion Room

  1. 2 months away – ITT predictions
    1. Gavin good
    2. Tore in
    3. PhiDelt Andrew
    4. PhiDelt Andrew #2
    5. logan bad
    6. josh herbs and spices
    7. carson entire
    8. alex ‘golden’ corral
    9. christian mingle chase
    10. t-rent
    11. kelab kooper
    12. payten gasKILL

  2. Wimens race top 10
    1. are there even 10 women’s teams?
    2. Hank and Adnrea
    3. Ryan Knapp
    4. Delta Grandma
    5. Brooke Hannon’s ITT
    6. NattyBikes
    8. Collins
    9. Courtney Bishop
    10. RIght on

  3. RC, can we get an update on the track? Rookie week is only a few days away and no one, including Dank, has said anything. Doesn’t look what they did in the fall worked because the track was soup a few weeks ago…

  4. bout 2 turn 33to1 into the new greek rank. look out for a POST ROOKIE WEEK REAL OG CERTIFIED MENS AND WOMENS TEAMS RANKING based on vibe only.

  5. INDIANAPOLIS — Specialized Bicycle Components added to its growing list of company-owned retail stores by acquiring the four-store Gray Goat Bicycle Co. chain, two sources have told BRAIN.

  6. Instead of remodeling wilCOCKS house why dont you fix the track? IUSF will be happy when little 500 is a bloated steering committee putting on a race for 5 dorky geed teams and phi psi (a dorky geed team)

  7. Other than a few obvious teams/ individuals who’ve been grinding out really solidly, pretty much every other Greek team is irrelevant this year. This little 500 is gonna be a big event this year, and it’s not gonna be pretty when teams with a lot of fans are being dropped off the pack like flies…

      • It looks like IUSF is doing that (unless you are well off). Race Day Spectator tickets are now $45, Press box seats are now $200.00. and 1/3 of the stadium seats are now the Tardy Center. Parents come to see their student race and have to sit in the corners. Also, maybe they should have worked harder to fill the women’s field.

  8. Top 5 mens ranking
    1. Phi Psi (Can they finally win? Probably not)
    2. JetBlach (Trent doesn’t last long, Can Josh pick up the slack?)
    3. Cutters ( They just are not Winners)
    4. Beta (The Beta Boys are Back, Alright)
    5. Grey Goat (irrelevant)

  9. Sadly, due to the forecasted freezing temperatures and rain/snow mix Friday night into Saturday morning, the Saturday road race at the Candy Stripe Classic (IU) has been cancelled. Further decisions regarding Sunday’s crit will be made in due time.

    Bryan Garfoot
    MWCCC Conference Director

  10. For Phi Delts attending the track today, the bathroom in the press box is open to students. Bikes are NOT urinals and race day penalties will be assessed if need be

  11. If you have to pee the corner of the locker room entrance is always an option during SB – former riders council member

  12. Exchanges are overrated. Phi Delt will not be stopped. Kulik/Murray combo might be the best I’ve seen

  13. 1st – Chi Alpha (it was foretold in the prophecy)
    2nd – Alpha sigma beta psi kappa kappa
    3rd – Ezekiel Robertson (from forest cycling)
    4nd – Forest Cycling

    • Kulik’s too busy pissing on cars so he won’t win ITTs.
      You’re also forgetting Alex Corra, Moffitman, Kaleb Cooper, Irmscher, and Herbst. (Josh is injured, but he shouldn’t be counted out once race day comes)

      • Say whatever makes you feel better about Kulik.

        Moffit, Cooper, and Irmscher were barely competitive in the Fall before the most guys in the top-10 even started training post race-season. Cooper probably moves up, but the other guys not so much.

        And if Herbst is injured and not doing ITTs, why would he be in a Top-10 ITT?

  14. Every team in the 2022 men’s race sucks. The 33rd best qualifier in 1986 was over 2 seconds faster than every team in this year’s race. Its f-ing embarrassing!

    • Comparisons are best confined to teams participating from 1991 (1st year on the new track) forward. ITT’s will provide a more accurate picture of what the field will look like, That said, this will most likely not be a banner year.

    • Riders in the 90s and 80s and trained almost year round – particularly intensely from January until race week. Some wouldn’t even party during race week. Back then a 2:30 wouldn’t even make the race. Present day riders would be much faster if they followed suit instead of playing video games and looking at there cellular phones. Modern “male” riders feel good enough about themselves as long as they are just a bit faster then the girls. The modern boy riders are f*cking embarrassing.

    • Id like to see your low T, boner bill taking, flab sack of a body take a lap around that shitty track. Comparing that far back is useless when there has been 10 years of absolute neglect by IUSF to maintain the track.

      • As a 3rd year rider the track has been significantly worse than in previous years, too much sand i suppose.

  15. Some of yall aint ready to hear this:
    Phi Psi
    Chi Alpha
    No other team has a chance of being in the final. La Valle looks like hes going to lap everybody and BKB and Chi Alpha only have the firepower to match. Cutters and Torrin mad over rated as usual. Murray and his twin are great for one lap but not 200. And is Jet Blach even relevant after Joshy’s bad crash?
    Who else, Sig Ep? Gray Goat?…

    • Even Josh knew LaValle was gonna lap the field this year, and that’s why he was practicing how to wreck him out. I guess Braden Clements couldn’t teach him how to do it properly.

  16. Heard that Hank canceled ITTs because he was afraid of getting his hair wet. A shame because that track is only safe in the rain

  17. Huge congratulations to the 4 riders who broke the exclusive 2:30 barrier this year.
    Kudos to the track custodians as well. Looking forward to an almost three hour race!

    • Huge congratulations for having 2022’s most Neanderthal comment on 33to1. People have already pointed out the track surface is different, but I guess you really can’t fix willful incompetence.

      The track custodians you’re thanking don’t exist, the track is terrible compared to last years. If you’re concerned about the times, shell out the $500k to resurface the track with cinders so the riders don’t have to race on a slow limestone gravel and sand mixture.

      This field would ride circle’s around yours. In comparison, you don’t even deserve to get a whiff of these guys’ bib shorts. There’s not a chance you would say any of that to any of their faces either.

      • Since completing an online seminar entitled “Coaching Positively” just yesterday I’ve begun incorporating a praise positive approach to coaching as demonstrated by my upbeat congratulations to all involved with ITTs. I hope you did not interpret my heartfelt praise as sarcastic. If you did then I apologize.
        I’ll earnestly consider your commentary and the effects my words have on others. You are correct, I do not deserve to sniff any riders shorts. Clearly you deserve this honorific and would excel as an olfactory chamois inspector. Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts.

      • GDIs don’t realize how little 500 grand is. The fraternity teams alone could raise that in a week. The foundation refuses to acknowledge this and refuses to acknowledge how easily resurfacing the track could be achieved if they put even a slight amount of effort into it.

  18. Shoutout to Kulik… easily sun 2:20 in a normal year and absolutely dominating the field in worse conditions. The field probably doesn’t want this kid on their wheel coming into the final 10

  19. 3. Kulik – call him milkman cuz he’s takin yo kids
    2. hank dunkman – for fighting off big pharma special interest groups and keeping lobbyist can kicker out of the L5 good job hank
    1. Head coach ezekel robinson – danky hanky Hank is so booorrng our new race leader puts every other rider in history to shammmeee

    • Nobody feels sorry for you BKBoneheads…you should be teaching your rookies to hold their alcohol or at least not assault people. Instead you’re back here crying and slandering Kulik some more, within minutes of MNO ending, because he mopped the floor with y’all.

      Does Will Smith need to help you keep his name out your mouths?

      • or maybe Phi Delts should just learn to show some respect and sportsmanship. don’t piss on cars and you won’t get shoved. can’t handle being shoved? then don’t piss on cars. quit fucking complaining about “assult.” you got shoved cuz you pissed on their car.

        win a race? don’t be a lil cunt about it. take your win and go home. it ain’t slander to call it a cocky, bitch ass move when a LOT of people saw that shit happen.

      • BKB assault? Check
        BKB slander? Check
        BKB on 33to1 like a bunch of losers playing the victim card? Check
        BKB telling themselves nobody likes Phi Delt to make themselves feel better? Check
        You being so salty that you can’t spell “assault” because your hands are literally shaking behind a computer? Priceless

        Don’t slander Kulik and then come back here to bawl your eyes out because you got shushed after Kulik pulled every single lap of MNO. You called him a douche, you didn’t call him cocky. Nobody from Phi Delt pissed on a car, nobody from Phi Delt physically assaulted anybody, and nobody from Phi Delt came to 33to1 to cry like a bunch of 5 year olds. Good on you for standing behind a rookie who can’t control his alcohol or anger. If this is such an issue with you go say it to one of their faces instead of hiding behind your computer like the little scrub that you are, otherwise Kulik made it pretty clear to STFU.

        Btw, cussing doesn’t make you tough.

  20. Yellow Flags: O/U 3.5

    Race Winner:
    Phi Delt +150
    BKB +175
    Cutters +200
    Phi Psi +200
    Gray Goat +250
    Sig Ep +250
    Chi Alpha +300
    Jetblach +350
    Bears +500
    Beta Sig +500
    Fiji +700
    Forest +800
    Anyone Else +1000

    • Phi Delt -100
      BKB +150
      Phi Psi +150
      Gray Goat +200
      Sig Ep +300
      Chi Alpha +300
      Cutters +400
      Jetblach +450
      Bears +500
      Beta Sig +500

      Phi Delt has clearly shown their dominance by putting two riders in the MNO final with Murray absent. BKB was chasing Phi Delt’s dust all of Saturday and nothing is going to keep them from getting shut down again on lap 199. Gray Goat has put up solid spring series performances so far and they are going to have great legs going into the end of the race. Cutters are entirely washed this year. They lucked themselves onto the podium last year, and with both their top riders crashed out they will hardly be a threat.

  21. So let me get this straight, if you were medically unable to complete all 17.5 hours (but put in at least that much over spring break) and are a track veteran. You cannot race

    But if you are a wittle rookie who couldn’t come to the track due to less than poor management of conditions and hours, the generous Hank will allow you to only complete 11 (gonna love the crash montages this year :D) and then lie to RC about this exception rather than just face the music?

    Sounds like some vacancies at the foundation should be open soon.

      • Hate to say it but JetBlach got what was coming to them. They should’ve never won last year after wrecking out La Valle. Sucks for Herbst since it seemed like he was the only one of the taking the race serious, but Trent’s been checked out all year and their rookies like to act like they were a part of the winning team last year. Any chance JetBlach had was lost when Herbst went down.

  22. please release team pursuit heats and updated spring series scores.
    sincerely yours,
    someone who’s been patiently waiting for 4 days

  23. Does anyone know (maybe you, Hank) if IUSF will be interfacing the timing system with the Race Monitor app (IOS, Android, Windows 10) his year? There has been nothing so far this year. They have done so every year since 2013.

  24. 1. 4 very put together blondes
    2. RC president and thing one two and three
    3. Polka dot brown haired girls
    4. Christianity team
    5. Lesbian vibe snow people
    6. Christianity team 2
    7. Female Jetblach but abandoned by jetblach
    8. Orange helmet people
    9. The well rounded sorority team (AXO)
    10. rose from the dead

  25. With Gray Goat taking the white jersey the top of the field looks much closer. Phi delt clearly has a top dog, but Lavalle can still rip it. With a field of 33 and multiple rookies, I think it comes down to whoever can avoid crashes and be in a position to sprint on 199.

  26. Can we all agree that Phi Psi saying they’ve put themselves through harder workouts and more pain then the rest of the field is bs.

    • It’s bs of you to say this. I’ve seen Phi Psi’s workouts, and they’re harder than navy seal training. These guys get up at 5 AM everyday, build a schwinn bike from scratch, and then bike to grave of the first little 5 rider to pay their respects. If you know a team that does anything tougher than this you’re lying

    • speak for yourself. I’ve personally witnessed him on the track every day pushing his mind and body into absolute oblivion for the mission. every time he enters the apex of turn four he fights his debilitating PTSD from “the crash of ‘21”. His mouth hangs gaping open, sucking in the air particles fortunate enough to be consumed by The Almighty. He pumps his beastly inhuman legs, pushing himself past the untouchables who dare stand in his way. they’re lucky he doesn’t simply demolish them like he did that innocent female rider over spring break. la valle knows no remorse. he screams “EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT” as he enters a realm that no mortal has ever ventured. so to answer your question, no. we can not all agree.

  27. Why is Hank afraid of the rain? What thunderstorms? No wonder half the people on the track this year won’t have their hours and endanger everyone

    • Prediction: Phi Psi will lap the field twice this year and will still have the lead with 50 meters to go only to get passed by 7 men’s teams and Melanzana out of the final corner.

      * Psi Psi produced two of most aggressive heartbreaking races in the last two races and LaValle will be a legend on par with Dave Blaze if he were to win this year. Will Phi Psi reverse the 44 year curse? Most teams don’t put themselves in a position to win 3 years in a row and he will be marked more than ever this year. He’s an animal either way.

    • You guys need to read the article about LaValle. Really puts in perspective how heartbreaking his story has been. Give the guy a break. He almost lost his life his life last year!

    • You are but a beslubbering, elf-skinned lout!
      Bite my thumb and enjoy it you non-erectile malt worm!
      You befuddle over others as you wank your log in your sleezy dorm!!
      Your grease-drenched fat rolls I wish not to see,
      For we all curse and spit on thee!

    • Will Phi Psi lap the pack more than once just to be certain this year?
      Will Phi Delt chase or adhere to the BKB template of sitting in and watching the race leave them behind?
      Will anyone be bold enough to go full on JB tactics and crash out Phi Psi as they lap the pack?

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