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We’ve noticed everyone has taken a liking to talking about the race. So we’re giving you a place to do that, and just that.

Feel free to use this area to discuss anything and everything about the Little 500 — Qualifications, Spring Series, the race itself.

Please, no character attacks. Trash-talking is great, but slandering people isn’t. Let’s keep it clean. Or your post will be deleted.



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  1. Men’s Top 10:
    1. Phi Psi (sorry but TP results look too good)
    2. BKB
    3. Phi Delt
    4. Chi Alpha
    5. Gray Goat
    6. Cutters
    7. Sig Ep
    8. Jet Blach
    9. Fiji
    10. Bears
    Potential Entrants: Forest, A Sig, IUDM, Ghost

  2. 3 Podium Teams Correct: 6pts
    2 Podium Teams Correct 4pts
    1 Podium Team Correct: 2pts

    P-1 Correct: 6pts
    P-2 Correct: 4pts
    P-3 Correct: 2pts

    Pick Exactly 4 Yellow flags, 2 for the women (Push): 3pts
    Over 4/2 Yellow flags: 1pt
    Under 4/2 Yellow flags: 1pt

    Crash in First 10 Laps, 5 for women, Y/N: 2pts
    Crash in Last 10,5 Laps Y/N: 2pts

    Correct on Dixie Highway: 4pts
    Correct on O/U 8.5 (5.5 for women) Teams Finishing on the Lead Lap: 3pts
    O/U 2:22 on Back Home Again in Indiana: 1pt

    **Tiebreaker** Elapsed Time of Race

    • “Throws a bike” or “digs bike up as fast as possible to stay in the race”?

      Phi Delt lives rent free in your heads, and the amount of people that don’t like them is a really small list. There’s a reason they’re winners and you’re on 33to1 an hour after the race.

      • I’m not sure people “hate” phi delt. Just think they are pointing out the very real fact that Phi Delts poor bike handling has caused crashes back to back years. Doesn’t mean Kulik wasn’t the strongest in the race. Chill bro hahahaha.

      • I’m not sure people “hate” phi delt. Just think they are pointing out the very real fact that Phi Delts poor bike handling has caused crashes back to back years. Doesn’t mean Kulik wasn’t the strongest in the race. Chill bro hahahaha.

      • Phi Delt didn’t cause any wrecks last year, you should probably go back and pay special attention to FIJI losing their wheel and crashing right into Phi Delt.

        Phi Delt causes one crash in this year’s race and all of the sudden, Xavier Martinez gets to craft his own narrative of Phi Delt’s “poor bike handling” as a “very real fact”? That’s rent free.

        That being said, it actually was BKB’s poor bike handling that ended Gray Goat and Phi Psi’s race on lap 199 this year…lol

      • BKB’s poor bike handling was to blame for this year’s lap to go crash. Crap handling AND crap exchanges cost them their chance to even compete on the last lap last year as well.

  3. And once again not ONE of the 33to1 armchair experts got their “pReDiCtIoNs”correct. Cycling ain’t all about pedaling harder than the guy next to you.

    • Once again IUSF FAILS the Little 500 riders by delivering a racing surface that deteriorates with every lap. At lap 17 the broadcast people were commenting on how the track was starting to break up. And don’t confuse the lack of yellows with it being a safe race.

      • The lack of yellow flags and pack wrecks show that the track WAS running safe. It was a very sunny 85 degree day and the track was slow from the start but did not deteriorate much from start to finish. There were multiple lines in the corners including the laps few laps. The track condition did not impact the race or race results. The track is what it is and is what it is not. It is no longer a fast smooth hardpacked surface that allows 30 second laps but it did provide safe hard racing decided by fitness, positioning and savvy.

  4. Just rode in my first little 500 and it might’ve been the best experience of my life. Anyone have any training tips so I can come back next year a different animal?

    • Spend your time pushing big gears with very low cadences. Little 500 is all about leg strength. If you are able to swim at all you should exclusively train and race long course triathlons. You have absolutely found the best place on the internet to obtain L5 training advice.

      • Not trolling, definitely looking for any and all advice. Would love to get in contact if you wanna drop a spam email or smth I can send u my number, hopefully you’re being serious

      • Mr Bofa,
        It’s the same person as “Nuts” from above. Please email Hank and he will put us in contact.
        Lets get this train rolling

  5. Turns out “Finish the Mission” really just meant choke in dramatic fashion, throw a tantrum, and then blame someone else for the 3rd race in a row…

  6. 1). Why did the broadcast decide to replay the crash during last lap of the men’s race?

    2). Can somebody fire Charlie Hammon and his “analysis”?

    3). Melenzana would have lapped the women’s field five times in a 200 lap race.

    4). Alpha Sig fans booing Phi Delt while being down multiple laps is hands down the funniest thing from this year’s races.

    5). Gray Goat will never win a Little 500

    6). Lots of young coaches are putting some vet coaches to shame…

    7). The Greeks showed up…and it’s great for the longevity of the race.

    Congratulations to all of the riders, and the winners of this year.

  7. Lil 5 is the mail bill for your order please thank you for checking in with you today

    With that being said, zana sucks toes

  8. For talking so big and mighty on here you guys sure seem to get your asses HANDED to you by our alumni. A great cyclist in Bloomington will always just be a mediocre cyclist in West Lafayette.

    • This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Everyone knows West LaLa is best known for its butter faced girls and cringey beta males

  9. How would I go about starting a cycling team? Like what kind of money, resources, etc. would I have to put in? I’m relatively new to the scene and been thinking about it for a while now but I really have no idea what I’d be getting myself into. Anything would help a lot.

  10. What do y’all think about State Bicycle Co supplying the new 2023 L5 bikes? Anybody heard of them before?

    • L5 is uniquely hard on bikes. Especially the right crank and back rim. Time will tell whether State designed a bike to withstand this event or looked at it as an order for 150 of their lowest end city bikes with the rear hubs swapped.

  11. Judah will lead cutters to a win.
    BKB sucks. More likely top 15 than top 3.
    Hopefully Judah goes for it with 10 to go and give them a chance. Otherwise it;s gonna be a greek year.

    • Dude fuck off with the Cutters bro I’ve literally never seen anyone on that team win anything relevant 😂😂😂 y’all stay sleeping on us it’s cool tho we’ll see you in April

    • Without Kulik here pull every lap of miss n out and shush the tears directly out of his eyes, Gavin’s chances of not washing himself (and Phi Psi) out in the final turn and maybe getting on the podium are significantly better

      BKB +600

  12. Hank Duncan 5 secs after becoming race director: “It’s my goal to keep tradition alive”

    Hank Duncan 5 seconds after consulting Celine Oberholzer: “Goodbye Schwinn”


    • Schwinn informed IUSF prior to last year’s race they would no longer supply bikes. Celine had no say in that decision.

    • Hank Duncan 5 secs after seeing a cool animal at the zoo: “That was a really cool animal at the zoo”
      Hank Duncan 5 secs after seeing that the corndog line is long and they’ll probably run out: “Well that sucks. I really wanted a corndog.”

    • Goodbye Roadmaster? Goodbye Mongoose? Who cares as long as the bikes are equal. Lets ask panaracer for some 38s for the current track too!

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